Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Man Of My Obsession

It's been awhile since I last went off on a tangent about the love of my life. Long time readers know exactly who I'm talking about. That's right, I'm talking about the king of cool and the sexiest man to have ever lived DEAN MARTIN. Oh my beautiful Dino, my obsession with you gets stronger all the time. Wait, I just remembered Jay and Jo were going to drive across country with me so I can lay across his grave. Remember Jo? You promised to pack snacks and not remove my leather boots. *Sigh* what a wonderful trip that would be.

This is one of my favorite Dino songs. He is such a goofy bastard he screws up the whole thing and it's perfectly delightful that way.

Hilarious. It makes me want to sit in his lap.

Here is another little bit of gorgeousness for you.


Well, my day is much brighter now.


Anonymous said...

And you tell me there is no one you want to see in a sex video??? This one ranks up there with Mr. T.


Jay said...

Dino was sooo cool. I don't think there will ever be anyone nearly as cool as he was.

Hey, and tomorrow the 14th is the tenth anniversary of Sinatra's death. Also a very sad day.

Leighann said...

I thought for sure you were talking about me.


Dean Martin is a classic handsom though.... nice choice.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Excellent read Babygurl, I am a fan of yours now ;-)

Anonymous said...

Knight.. I think someone is trying to make us his "B" LOL!!! haha!!

Back to your blog!! I think it is so his smile!!! he has it going on.. it the music and all...

Oh and ummmm I so need to drop you an email!! I have something to run past you!


Jo said...

It'll probably give me a nervous tick, but no, I won't remove your boots! Okay, maybe one boot.

You know Dino would've had you sitting in his lap before you were finished thinking it!

He's sooo smooth. I love his sexy, lazy smile...always looks like he's chuckling over something naughty he just did.

Reb said...

He always looked like he was having fun and I think that is what made such a difference. Okay, I now have to admit that I am old enough to remember seeing him on telly and watching his show. Back when they could smoke and drink on air!

Tink said...

You're a freak, but I still love you. ;)

BBC said...

DEAN MARTIN? Jesus lady, you are 24. Dean was way cool and I don't want to take that away from the man but he is like fucking, you know, dead. Died in 1995.

Well, he was born in 1917 so that is like a long fucking time ago you know. He was 26 years older than I am.

I wonder if his pecker still got up once a day when he was my age, I know that I have to keep slapping mine down.

Anyway, Dean was great, I loved him. And at times I sing one of his songs at karaoke.

BBC said...

Speaking of songs, I wrote one many years ago. LOL 14 Inches

BBC said...

Oh yeah, I won a sing off with King Of The Road one night. And I've been told that I do Dang Me better than Roger Miller did.

But if I'm going to sing Hot Rod Lincoln I have to do it before eight beers. LOL

gr said...

yeah, I dunno, I don't think I'd sit in his lap

GMEyster said...

Love it. :o)

Knight said...

Edge- Dean might have been the guy in Marilyn Monroe's sex tape that was recently exposed.

Jay- Old Mobsters throughout the nation she a tear on this day. I love the tribute on your blog.

Leighann- When I started writing I was talking about you but then I thought it might make you uncomfortable so I switched the name at the last minute.

Tha Bossmack- Welcome and thanks. One request though, please don't call me babygurl. It really creeps me out.

Single- I just looked at your blog and caught on. He must have found his way here through you. Damn that hot eye of yours! Dean does have a sexy smile. I sent an e-mail your way.

Knight said...

Jo- Just don't make me wear tennis shoes/sneakers or whatever they are called. You don't want to make me cry. You are right about the lap thing. He is that good. You wouldn't know what happened until a week later. Hence that naughty smile.

Reb- I have a few dvd's and tapes of his show. He never let go of whatever he was smoking. I wish I could watch them non stop.

Tink- Ha, you don't even know!

Billy- I know, he died on Christmas Day when I was twelve. I didn't even become obsessed with him for several years after that. Makes no difference though. I think it would be weirder if I were that obsessed with someone living. That would be scary. You know what else is scary? Fourteen inches. Geez!

GR- You can't catch STD's through his pants. Wait, can you? Well, maybe lay down some saran wrap first.

Gmeyster- I thought you might.

Mike said...

Ahh good old Drinky McDrink. What a guy.

Matt-Man said...

Fantastic. Dino was the man. It's understandable, but a shame that his heart broke after his son died. Dean was the MAN!! Cheers Knight!!

Doc said...

I am with you Knight... Dino probably was the guy in the Marilyn Monroe sex tape!

Robert said...

Coolest cat in the ratpack would be so cool if he and frank were around to see george clooney and brad pitt remake oceans 11 I am an older one, always loved his show as well as the classic Dean Martin celebrity Roasts get those dvds if you havent ever seen them knight they will satisfy your obsession even more when the moon in the sky like a big pizza pie thats amore salud dino

Dianne said...

I mentioned over at Jay's post that I could see you as Kim Novak. I know Kim was in a movie with Frank but I always wanted to be her in a movie with Dean.

I listen to his music all the time. I always wanted to touch his craggy face. I loved his TV show, especially when he'd jump on the piano without ever spilling a drop from his highball glass and never an ash fell from the cigarette.

He was such a complex fellow. I often wanted to be his daughter - he seemed like such a protector.

I love that someone your age appreciates a man like Dean. I'd like to adopt you now. And I'd like to come on the road trip. I'll bring extra boots.

Knight said...

Mike- Indeed

Matt-Man- Yes, I remember reading what his daughter wrote about that situation. He just stopped living after his son was gone.

Doc- Suddenly I really want to see it.

Robert- I think Frank would have George and Brad offed for such behaviour. Dean would laugh at them. I do have some of the roasts on tape. They were hilarious. You laugh the entire time.

Dianne- Me as Novak? You flatterer! I wish. How did he get on the piano without ever spilling anything? How could that be? But it's true. I don't think his daughters were terribly fond of the way he wasn't around growing up. I read Deana's book. I would love if you adopted me! Of course you are welcome to join us on the road trip.

Robert said...

Im just curious do you have videos of deans movies with Jerry Lewis??? And wasn't he a detective in a matt helm movie once or something like that??? You are so right, those roasts were hilarious Didn't dean have a thing for angie dickinson??? Are you blonde or brunette miss knight?? maybe you could have made a good lana turner or natalie wood ah hollywood lol