Friday, May 2, 2008

Pimp My Blog - Part Two

It's time to Pimp some bloggers! This week I'm going to recommend everyone visit R.E.H. over at Ramblings of a Madman.

I suppose this is all somewhat pointless because most people already know who he is. Yes he is that cool. R.E.H. always has something happening. He hosts the monthly Picture Fiction Challenge which is all of his own creation. I have only participated once because I don't have that kind of skill or patience but he sure does. I look forward to his story every time the end date is near. He is in the middle of writing the story of his love life "Rubicon Heart". If you have missed out on it go read it now. I believe this is what he used to get his following of female bloggers that are constantly admitting to fantasies about him in his comments section. I mentioned R.E.H. a few posts ago because one of my favorite monthly features he does should happen tomorrow. It's called "3rd" and is done on the third of the month. It's his way of getting all his commenters tied into a story challenge and it's always hilarious. I'm particularly fond because I'm bound to find new fantastic bloggers each time. Speaking of his commenters, I would like to talk about the fun to be found in that section alone. There is one special person without a blog that likes to come in and rip him to shreds. Usually they don't make a whole lot of sense but it still gets his other readers defensive. Myself included. This caused a group of three women to join up in his comments section as R.E.H.'s Angels. Myself Included!

Let's Meet the other Angels

Cinder-Single aka my blogging sister. No we don't really know each other. I don't even remember how the sister thing came about but it stuck! Single has a great blog that is always good for a smile. She is a real sweet heart and was recently trying to figure out this thing called love but I just noticed it was changed to life. The change must have come when Disney appeared on her blog and she changed her name from Single in the City. Hey, we all need to change it up sometimes. Good luck Single!

Farmer*swife is one of my favorite people to follow around the blogosphere. Not only does she have a great blog where she rambles about her obsessive compulsive cleaning habits. She also leaves hilarious comments on everyone else's blog. Especially R.E.H. I think the best moments must be the late nights when she is waiting out her husbands "snore factor" and possibly on an Ambien or Shiner high. Go over and check out her beautiful sunset pictures actually taken from her kitchen! It's always fun to see what kind of trouble her kids are getting into. They look like little angels but farmer*swife has some stories to let you know the truth behind those adorable faces.

So there you go. R.E.H. and his three hot angels. Really we are. Check them out.


Anonymous said...

NOW YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU RIGHT???? Check out my Blog! You and I are at the mall!!!! LOL!!! and I am going to have to put that Angel's pic on my Blog.. LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

OH I FORGOT!!! ANGEL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess Mike From Spazoid Space is CHARLIE!!! LOL

Jo said...

All this time I thought you & Cinder were really sisters! I kept thinking, it's so sweet how they get on. She's so adorable & I met her through you :)

I don't know Farmer*s Wife except from the PFC but her late-night comments to REH crack me up!

Well, and I adore REH. And it's good he has ANGELS! I gave his compulsive-critic a piece of my mind early in, but now I just skip her comments so I don't blow a gasket :P

gr said...

hot angels!!!

BBC said...

Geez hon, to many blogs to follow, I don't have time to follow hundreds of blogs a day.

It's all I can do to try to keep track of maybe 20. I don't look at many blogs I have bookmarked unless they leave a comment on my blog, I always try to fine time to visit them.

I have a life away from this computer but I must say that I love your hair.

Oh, angel power, go look in a mirror to see what an angel is. And then live the role if you can because there are no other angels in the cosmos.

But it's been my experience that most women that claim to be angles are pretty darn self centered. I don't see them at war protests, working in soup lines, raising hell about starving women and children in other countries.

I don't see them being pissed off because one of their spiritual sisters is sitting under a tree and starving to death.

Treat her to a fancy meal, give her some flowers or candy, things like that and the little angel is happy.

Frankly my dear, I think an angel should be more than that. I think that she should be pissed about how the world is and that other parts of her are starving to death.

I'm often reminded of the woman that had to eat her firstborn so that she could keep living and I wonder why I should be upset when women aren't.

Anonymous said...

Jo, A lot of people that come to my blog think that Knight and I are really sister also!! I guess we are just a lot of like in our personality that we display on our blogs!!!

I love her to death tho!! She is my Bloggie Sis!!!!

R.E.H. said...

That is so sweet of you to be pimping out my blog! Now I'm all teary eyed and stuff...

Love you and my Angel's. I have the coolest chicks looking after me!

I'm so pleased to hear that you enjoy my writing, and that you also enjoy "hanging out" in my comment section. It is indeed a fun place to hang out... more fun than my actual posts for the most part!

The "3rd" feature has been posted (WHEW!)

Oh, and I hope you return to action with the PFC. I really did enjoy the story you wrote, and would be looking forward to more of your writing too!

BBC said...


Jahooni said...

i see your pretty face everywhere i go... so it should only be normal for me to say HEY! Love your blog and will return. ;)~

Matt-Man said...

Thanks for the tips. I will check them out. Cheers Knight!!

Tink said...

So which angel are you? ;)

Doc said...

I love the REH's Angels !!!

Robert said...

this reh has game down cold!!! Not only does he have ladies piling up in his comments he has 3 angels to pimp him out who said pimpin ain't easy??? lol cool stuff here so are you more like the original angels or the movie angels?? very hot either way

Newt said...

Good pimp'n job and well deserved.

Farmer*swife said...

[shhh, don't tell. I played hookey from the T-ball game cuz' I feel so crappy....but, I'm also tryin' to get caught up in bloggie world]

This post is fantastic! Tooo cute and way to pimp out r.e.h.!!!

What about you? You didn't pimp yourself, angel-wise anyhoo! And, love the graphic! Gonna' have to copy and paste it in my bloggie land!!

Happy Cow Poop...I mean Thursday!!!