Tuesday, May 6, 2008

WWC- Set My Blog On Fire!

I missed several weeks of the WWC because I am a procrastinator. Every week Tuesday sneaks up on me and I'm supposed to have pictures up but I always find that I forgot to take them. This time I remembered to take my camera with me on the way out of the apartment. Our WWC host Tink gave us the words THREE and FIRE last week. This is the crap I came up with:

This is Brian's daily dilemma. He comes into the office and has to decide which of the THREE chairs in his cubicle will be his bum rest for the day.

These are our THREE office plants. I used to take care of the one on the left but it kept growing towards my co-worker so I gave him custody. I still say hello on occasion. No hard feelings.

FIRE Hydrant

I set the toilet on fire. I'm still not quite sure why I did that.

Oh yeah, that's right. I'm a bit of a pyro.


Mike said...

If you take the toilet off you get sewer gasses coming in

those are flammable.

Stuff a rag into the hole and you have a molotov cocktail for your house.

Set that shit on fire and throw protesters on it.

Reb said...

Those are good pictures! How did you set the toilet fire? Never mind, maybe I don't want to know! ;)

Did you set off the smoke detectors in the building with any of those?

Krishna said...

That brings new meaning to "my asss is on fire!" Like the fire hydrant. I tried to find a hottie fireman but none were around at the moment.

Jay said...

Set the toilet on fire? Too much Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo? ;-)

Three chairs to choose from? Nice office. Most offices have really old and hard chairs and no real choices.

Great job saying the words.

BBC said...

I missed several weeks of the WWC because I am a procrastinator.

What in the fuck is the WWC?

captain corky said...



Matt-Man said...

Wow...A Toilet Ring of Fire. Cheers Knight!!

gr said...

I don't think I would rely on that hydrant in an emergency, huh?

Eric Shonkwiler said...

Re: the toilet. My favorite saying of late is "why not?"

Doc said...

I fell into a burning john of fire... LOL

Jo said...

You set the toilet on fire...but you didn't make a full ring of fire...I'm having trouble getting past that. I hope that fire hydrant isn't outside your flat, you need one that works!

I like that your coworker plays musical chairs with himself.

Eric Shonkwiler said...

Superfluous comment go!

You like M*A*S*H. That makes you aces in my book.

Knight said...

Mike- You seem to know all the important things in life. I would never have thought of this easy to make protester burner fire available right in my own home.

Reb- Ha, I just sprayed the toilet with some body spray. That stuff is so flammable it's delightful. Luckily my super neglected to put in my required by law smoke detector so nothing beeped at me.

Krishna- I think that was where my mind was when I decided the toilet seat was a fun thing to see in flames. I never see hot firemen. Only creepy firemen. It's a good idea though. Hot.. fire... I get it.

Jay- Oh yeah, all that Mexican! I only have one chair at my desk but I took the best one. It's taken years of scavenging desks as soon as someone gets canned.

BBC- WWC is the Weekly Words Challenge hosted by Tink. I linked her at the top of the post. It's a photography challenge to post every Tuesday.

Captain Corky- Ha ha ... I used to love Bevis and Butthead.

Knight said...

Matt-Man- I wish it would have made a ring. I couldn't get it to burn right.

GR- Yeah, I wish that hydrant wasn't right outside my office building. It makes me nervous.

Eric- That is a good way to think of it. Most people would thing WTF?

Doc- Ha ha hahaha nice.

Jo- I tried to make a full ring. It refused to burn right. You can tell from the blurry photo that I was having trouble capturing it.
I wish my coworker would let me play but he isn't good at sharing.

Eric- Superfluous comment? No such thing.

Tall Lanky Jew said...

Burning toilet huh? Great band name!! Just below Duran Duran and Manilow in my book.

Dianne said...

"this is the crap I came up with" - you really know how to sell it LOL

I love the fire hydrant! I miss the streets of NY, all the fire hydrants here are painted all pretty and they're actually hooked up to water - it's so boring.

if you really want to have some fire fun - a mountain of rubber cement - it's a blast - literally!

Cinder-Single said...

Those were great pics.. My SIS got Skillzzzzzzzzz.. LOL!!! Yeah I better watch you with the fire thingy!! LOL!


BBC said...

Hey toots, just call me Billy. :-)

R.E.H. said...

Ha! You didn't just set your toilet on fire to get a picture for the WWC did you? Remember to snuff that out before you sit down ;)

Well played!

Oh, and I procrastinate too... so many Tuesdays I've been out hunting high and low for pictures ;)

GMEyster said...

Love that you're a pyro. When I was a kid I set my Grandma Sickafoose's trash can on fire. It was brown plastic and had a lid and it just kind of sagged and danced to the floor.

And I denied that I had thrown the match in. Oy.

Farmer*swife said...

I wouldn't trust that fire hydrant...

I went DOWN, down, down into a burnin' ring of fire....
(The Man in Black)

Later Angel!!

Tink said...

You really are a pyro! LOL. Want to come over and set things on fire in our pit? Things made out of sugar crackle blue. Ooooh. :)

wcgillian said...

The one on the toilet seat looks like a spirit turd!