Thursday, July 17, 2008

People That Deserve a Kick - and Gay Rights and Heart Strings

Last night on my way home I had one hell of a headache thanks to demanding clients. I was extremely irritable. Some days I wonder when I will cross that line in my mind that is currently keeping me from kicking people that move too slow in the ass instead of constantly fantasizing about it. I took my three trains on my hour trip home from the office and when I emerged from underneath the city I saw a couple people blocking the sidewalk with clipboards in hand. Crap. I'm used to seeing people in my neighborhood trying to stop people for whatever the cause of the day is and usually I look so angry nobody says a word to me. I'm good at avoiding it. Somehow, this time, they got me. I think curiosity sold me out. I glanced up for just a second to see what the guy was holding. The second I lifted my head I heard. "Hi, Gotta second for Gay Rights?" Now normally whatever they say I usually just shake my head a little and keep walking but I surprised myself. Gay Rights? Sure I do! I'm sure that isn't what I said because I don't talk like that but I stopped. I spoke to the guy for a minute. He asked me if I was aware that in 31 states it is still legal to fire someone because they are gay. Uh, no. I did not know that. I'm still not sure if that number is accurate but it made me think regardless. We spoke about ENDA (The Employment Non-Discrimination Act) I read some stuff. You don't need all the details. I was given a little packet of info. They gave me a senate number and said one call counts as 1,000 votes. After I do a little more research I'll do another post with info and the phone number. If any of you care. I walked away feeling a little better. I don't know why, I didn't do anything. But the last place I expected to enjoy a conversation was right there right then. Who knew?

My co-worker just e-mailed this article to me. For those who don't feel like reading it here is the summary. Some guy in Orlando has paid to put up billboards with a picture of the burning Twin Towers from 9/11 and it reads "Please Don't Vote for a Democrat." I think this guy is a crazy bastard for posting images of the towers burning on a billboard regardless of your political standpoint. It gets worse. The billboard also has a web link to (notice I'm not linking that here). You know what you find on the site? This guy is trying to sell copies of the song he wrote about not voting for Democrats. WTF? Way to get your point across guy. Make it all about you.

Sorry for that rant.

I was tearing up a bit when I read the newest post from a recently recommended blogger. First I want to thank Cat for directing me to the blog after my last seizure post. The blog is Looky, Daddy! written by a stay at home dad with an eight year old and twin toddler daughters. I might have made up those ages. I don't really know. How old is a toddler? Anyway, he posts hilarious stories about the kids and delicious drink recipes which are not for kids. What moves me the most are the posts about his oldest daughter who was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. In todays post he wrote about how she is afraid to sleep because that is when she usually has the seizures. I think I have posted about that as well. Now I can't stop thinking about this poor little girl. If you care to read something that will not only tug on your heartstrings but quite possibly rip them out, head over there.


Jay said...

People being refused employment or fired from their jobs simply for being gay is just pathetic. Seriously, it has nothing to do with job performance so what's the big deal? Freaking pisses me off.

Those billboards piss me off too. ;-)

Doc said...

As long as we are going down into the gutter like this jackass did I might as well too....As far as the billboard goes I will go with what Keith Olberman said last night... "Someone needs to remind this bozo which party was in the White House on 911"

you gotta love revisionist history. Makes me sick trying to equate political gain with 911

Dianne said...

A friend told me about the shithead and his billboards and I was (almost/kinda) certain she had it wrong. But NO - as another friend used to say - "if assholes could fly we'd never see the sun"

I'll check out the blog you mentioned.

and the flyer looks great!! I'm going to make reservations!

Anonymous said...

ALL I CAN SAY IS SAD!! I cannot go into it!!


Mike said...

All the gays will burn in hell and the republicans will live forever and rule the world at the right hand of Jebus!



If you know gay couples send em up here to ontario, you know, where they have rights just like every other HUMAN BEING.

Like marriage and stuff.

Reb said...

Wow, I wonder what other laws are still on the books that should be gone.

Anyone who would use a picture of the Twin Towers burning for anything is an ass!

WomensDaily said...

I don't blame you for the rant, I feel the same way about the things you said.

Matt-Man said...

that it is still legal to fire someone because they are gay in 31 states

Can a person be gay in 31 states and not in the other 19?

I am gonna check that dickhead's repub site out. Could be fun. Cheers Knight!!

gary rith said...

OH! Thanks for the tip!

furiousBall said...

that's horrible. i'm never surprised any more at how stupid humans are

Darla said...

I would like that phone number please. I will check out that blog as soon as I drag myself out of the work hole I am in.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I think I may try to be gay in all 50 states...THAT should be fun!

Going to read the article....I'm sure it will piss me off, too.

GMEyster said...

Knight - thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog.

I loved this entry. It is always surprising when we hear about rights being denied. Living in a metropolis like we do, surrounded by the people that we are, I cannot imagine a more rounded life. It is heartbreaking to realize that so many people are so scared of people who are different from them. And frustrating.

Thanks for the info!

Knight said...

Jay- My sentiments exactly.

Doc- That is exactly what I was thinking. I had to pause for a second and say, yes, it was definitely Bush barely reading to children when the planes crashed on 9/11.

Dianne- That is a great quote. I might change my blog title. I would love if you could come to my show!!

Ne- It's almost too hard to find words through the frustration.

Mike- I think more people would do just that but it's hard not being a citizen and all. Plus, it's cold there. You have to wait for global warming to make some beaches and then everyone will start flocking your way.

Reb- I'm looking into what other laws are still there. I will probably do a post about it but only if I can be sure of the facts.

Womensdaily- Thanks.

Matt-Man- Alright smart-ass. I changed the grammar. But for the record, I'm only get in 1, sometimes 2 states. I'm completely straight in the rest. Cheers Matt-Man!

Gary- You are welcome.

Furiousball- Yeah, I'm feeling that way as well.

Darla- I'll try to remember to bring it tonight. You are coming again?

Real Live Lesbian- I wonder if you can do it by continent as well. I could be gay in Australia but I won't know until I get there.

GMEyster- I agree with you on that. Infact, my response to the guy was "I'm so glad I live in New York." and he replied. Yes, New York is a great place but it still needs a lot of work too.