Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy = Screwed

Sooooooo tired! I accomplished nothing this weekend and now I'm screwed. I can barely keep my head up at work. I want to crawl under my desk and take a nap. Oh how wonderful a nap would be.

I still need to find a dress for my show so that was the plan after work today. Find dress then go home and sleep. I was in the office for all of one hour when I was reminded that tonight is drinks with the work peeps as a farewell to my friend Brian who suddenly regained consciousness and resigned to pursue real interests. I can't miss this outing. I can't drink either. I especially can't drink when I'm tired because that is begging for trouble in my case. Health trouble I mean. Not naughty trouble. Perverts.

I leave work at six which commits me to a few hours out with the peeps. I will get home in time to accomplish nothing but going over music. I have rehearsal with a pianist tomorrow night. Maybe I can pull off quick shopping after that? I don't know. Wednesday I HAVE to do laundry. My building has this inconvenient little rule where the laundry room is only open while I'm at work. I only have a few hours after and I'm usually not home in time. Bitches!

My beautiful and awesome eighteen year old cousin will be in town this Friday night until Monday morning. I'm looking forward to seeing her but I'm in a panic. My show is next Wednesday and I need to get shit together. I have to be cool New York cousin that shows her how awesome this city is when more than likely I'll be hyperventilating in my apartment trying to memorize songs. That will be fun!

Can you tell I'm freaking out? I can't decide which is worse; Looking at your calendar and realizing life is so hectic you could throw up or looking at your calendar and realizing there is nothing to look forward to. I'm going to go with throwing up as the better option.


Mike said...

Could be worse. You could be one of the children in the video below.

Could be worse than that. You could be that fat lady corrupting them with guilt ridden hatred and bullshit.

Knight said...

Very uplifting thoughts. Thanks Mike! I am thankful I am not corrupting children with guilt ridden hatred and bullshit. Just Adults.

Dianne said...

I always go for the throwing up - means I'm alive ;)

you can show your cousin how a cool artist in NYC gets ready for a show. don't worry so much.

as for finding a dress I would imagine you're one of those women who can walk into any store and drape on the first thing she touches and look amazing.

don't deny it! I saw the vlog

Knight said...

Dianne- I'll agree with that. Throwing up it is!

I already warned my cousin she has to watch my tech rehearsal. I hope it's a least a little amusing for her.

Thanks for the compliment. Hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm not big on shopping so I dread it a little.

Jo said...

God, I'm feelin' ya, chickie...just hang on tight & ride the wild're going to be fantastic & pull it all together.

If the dress is still elusive by the weekend, just take your cousin shopping with you?

First the stress, then the show, and afterwards you're going to feel like you could light all of NY with the buzzy-wonderful coursing through you. I just know you're going to be dazzling!

Dana said...

Throwing up is always preferred to boredom ... although I'm not sure you could have convinced me of that on Saturday morning *wink*

Jay said...

"Health trouble I mean. Not naughty trouble. Perverts."

Oh like that's gonna slow me down at all. LOL ;-)

You are going to totally rock next Wednesday! I would love to be there to get to see it.

GMEyster said...

Carly. My sister's C-section is scheduled for August 27. In the middle of the Midwest. I'm so sorry I won't be able to make your show.

Throwing up is all part of it! Just have some Listerine nearby. I'm so sorry I'll miss this special occasion!

LL said...

Pffft! Just go to the show wrapped in saran wrap. No one will ever forget you...

Best of fortune on the upcoming show. On the downside... once you've performed and become immediately famous, you'll have no free time at all on your calendar. ;)

BBC said...

Other than being the most misunderstood man on the planet I had a wonderful weekend.

Oh well, at least I have the memories.

furiousBall said...

i've got some trouble for you to beg for... oh you said not naughty. damn.

i think if you get too nervous, you should just vomit on your cousin, or make that part of the show, kind of like Gwar

gary rith said...

yeah, I'd freak out too!

moooooog35 said...

If I remember your apartment from your video, I'm wondering which part of the floor or bookcase your cousin will be sleeping.

Knight said...

Jo - Man I hope so! I hope I get the buzzy-wonderful coursing through me. Thanks.

Dana- Ah, but Saturday morning is a sign of a well spent Friday night, right?

Jay- It would be pretty awesome to see you in the crowd. Why must you live so far away?

GMEyster- I'm so excited for your new little family member. Have a great time with sis and baby in the midwest!

LL- That isn't a bad idea. I would probably cook myself under the lights though. Immediate fame? I can't imagine that is possible without reality television.

BBC- I'm glad to hear it.

Furiousball- I'm not sure vomiting on people would fit with the theme but I will go with what comes naturally.

Gary - Ha, thank you for understanding.

Moooooog35- You don't remember the guest bedroom? It was the futon covered in shit just a few feet from ...well, everything else in the room.

fiwa said...

good lord - I'm getting nauseaus just thinking about doing all that. Maybe you could shop for the new outfit when your cousin is in town - who doesn't like to shop?

Good luck!

Tink said...

Yeah, I don't know. I'm leading more toward bored being the better option right now. Then again, I'm pretty sure my urges to throw up are caused my an ulcer. You're going to be fantastic. Just... breathe.

Knight said...

Fiwa- I'm also taking an antibiotic so that is probably causing part of the nausea. *sigh*. I might have to shop with her in town. I hope not but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Tink- An ulcer certainly would make sense. The only problem with bored is that you are not going anywhere or accomplishing anything. You have to get hitched girl! I think you should make Hoop's mom do the rest of the planning and get that ulcer checked out.

Micky-T said...

then freak out.

Your cousin will enjoy helping you pick a dress.

Save the throwing up for Tuesday night, then sleep like a baby.

Wednesday, get up and do what you do.....shine!

Wish you all the best for the show.

Micky-T said...

Holy Crap..that video scares me to death.
Scaring children into giving up their lifes to Jesus.
It stinks, it smells like bullshit.

Farmer*swife said...

Crapville! I just left the bestest coolest comment about all this and somehow blogger or maybe my bedroom wireless bleeped out -- but I didn't get it poted.


And, NOW? I can't remember it because i've been interupted to serve ice cream for dessert!

Anyhow, basically it said, "you rock, you look hot in anything, you are the coolest and your cousin will worship you, and we'd love to hear you practice your song in a vloggie!!!"

But, it was worded a lot more appropriately, supportively, and intelligently!

Then, I ended with, "Happy Tuesday and Totally Rock Tomorrow Night!" or, something like that.

Reb said...

You will be just fine. Once you start warming your vocal chords you will calm down and everything will be wonderful.

Have your cousin go shopping with you for the dress. It will show her a bit of the big city and make you so cool!

Just remember to breathe with your diaphragm and all will be well!

Michael Knight Rambo said...

Nothing wrong with throwing up... remember Derek Zoolander AND Hansel endorse it.
Your beautiful and awesome eighteen year old cousin is onto you though if she reads your blog.....

Matt-Man said...

I think throwing up is highly underrated. It works muscles that you don't use everyday. Cheers Knight!!

Darla said...

I have no doubt that this will fall into place and you will wow us. I mean it. I cannot wait.
Wear the scissor dress?

The Mountain Cat said...

I am really trying to stop drinking all together. But I have not been successful at that eithr.

gary rith said...

Knight---in answer to your question, we went to Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse, and there is also one in NY city!!!!!!!