Friday, August 15, 2008

You don't make heroes out of Warlocks!

Wow. I laughed. I cringed. I got a little nauseous.

I wish I could go to camp.


Jay said...

Harry Potter is an enemy of Gawd!!

That video is extremely disturbing. And that was just part of that movie. It goes on and on like that. It's every bit as disturbing as what goes on in Muslim Madrases.

Tink said...

Duuuuude. That is crazy shit. We need to break those little kids out. You with me?

Tall Lanky Jew said...

Ya know...I thought I felt a lil something during that vid. Something of a higher power. Turns out it was just gas.

Couple things to point out-

1 AWESOME product placement (Pepsi, Potter, McDonalds)

2 This vid was the part of 'Wet hot Amer. Summer that they didn't show.

3 If I knew the Jebus could help my bowling game I would've ask for assistance sooner.

Michael Knight Rambo said...

Somebody strap a bomb on those children! This is just awesome. I saw that Harry Potter bit on the Colbert Report or Daily Show whenever Jesus Camp came out (it's all a drunken blur) and have been speaking in tongues and crying and praying to see it ever since. My shitty video store doesn't have it though.
Thanks! You made my weekend.

Patrick's Mommy said...

I always find it funny that Harry Potter the "heretic" celebrates Christmas and Easter... funny how that makes him from the devil....


furiousBall said...

if you listen closely you can hear the baying of sheep

fiwa said...

I too sat through the whole movie. Scary stuff when anything is taken to excess.

GMEyster said...

Stuff like this scares me so much. It seems almost laughable, but I wonder what kind of psychological issues plague people who worry about heaven and hell to the extent that they do things "in the name of God." Not being religious at all, I don't have the "guilt" that so many talk about having grown up with. I do have a friend who grew up believing that every little thing he did wrong was going to make him burn in hell, and it was very hard for him to work through that as an adult. It affected his life so profoundly in such a negative way. I just don't understand it. I cannot imagine a god that wants us to suffer and worry like that.

Anyhoo. Frightening.

Anonymous said...

Hey you!!Wanted to come by and say Hello! I cannot comment on the Vid at all!

I don't watch Harry Potter and I believe in Yeshua!! soooooooooo I am not at liberty.... As far as the brainwashing... Yeah I believe that they went way to far overboard!! For real scary overboard!!!!!!!

Karen said...

I saw the movie a few months ago. It was the most disturbing thing in the world.

Anonymous said...

We have creative arts camp this week at church. NOTHING like this is going on.

All the stereo types will be taught, clowning, puppetry, miming, and new this year ... sign language.

Tink is right, we do need to break those kids out. Let's get our Jesus Ninja suits on make a bullwhip to clear the temple.


Mike said...

I think that level of indoctrination is criminal.

And that scared me.

Jebus camp.. couldn't watch the whole movie because it disgusted me so much.

Dana said...

Ummmm ... yeah ...

Religion is such a great thing, isn't it??

Yep! Going to hell for that statement *giggle*

GMEyster said...

I just noticed that Casey wrote something about "Wet Hot American Summer." I LOVED that movie. Makes me wanna go watch it now.

moooooog35 said...

Put turbans on their heads and you have Al Qaeda.

On another note, it's good to see this fat bitch get up and walk around.

Apparently, it doesn't happen that often.

Darla said...

I think it's most interesting that they feel so threatened by magic that they have to claim it is evil and denounce it.

I wouldn't have thought they even believed in it at all, let alone enough to speak against it!

Knight said...

Jay - I always thought Harry looked a little odd but I had no idea he should be put to death. I am thankful the angry lady set me straight.
I didn't see the movie. I just saw this clip on you tube and realized I hadn't posted anything about brainwashing in awhile.

Tink- I'm with you! Wait, where are they? We need to be careful about how we make our move or they might assume us to be "magical" and light us on fire.

TLJ- I noticed the product placement as well. What the F was that about? It does look like it could have been part of Wet Hot American Summer!

Michael Knight R- Glad to help! I've been crying and praying in tongues for the safety of those children ever since I saw this clip.

Doc- Funny how people think Harry Potter is real or somehow based on a real life character. He is evil like Santa!

Furiousball- Ha ha ha I hear it!

Fiwa - I don't think I could sit through the whole thing. I was feeling ill after just this small bit.

Knight said...

GMEyster - There are a lot of people out there that are plagued by extremely religious upbringings that were unhealthy. I am certainly not trying to bash Christians here but specifically anyone who would do this to children. I don't care what religion. Yes, it is frightening.

Ne - I don't watch Harry Potter either but he certainly isn't a work of evil. It's a magic story just like any Disney movie ever made. I will say again, I'm not trying to bash religion in general. I'm just saying what is happening in this video is ridiculous and crazy.

Karen- It looks like it. I think I'm going to have to get a copy.

Knot- See, now that sounds great and enlightening for children. I remember going to bible camp as a child and we played games and learned prayers. Nobody cried unless they got hurt during kickball.

Mike- I'm with you on this. It should be considered criminal.

Dana- See you there!

GMEyster- I think it is one of the best movies ever made.

Moog35- Scary and true. Too bad neither the people in the video or Al Qaeda would ever see that connection.

Darla- I would have thought so too. That was what had me so intrigued right off the bat. Speaking of bats.. That lady in charge is batshit crazy.

Reb said...

By the mighty horns of Thor's helmet! That is some scary shit there. And then people wonder why things like Waco or the guy with the kool-aide happen.

The only thing I noticed that she did right was to point out that faith is not only a Sunday affair, if you are going to believe then do it all week.

And I'll quit now!