Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Romance and Shit

The ladies require a lot of chivalry. I'm not sure why. It just seems to be that way. I'm not used to that and it always throws me a little off guard.

Yesterday I received flowers at the office. I got a call that told me I needed to come to the reception desk to sign for something. As I approached I saw the flowers and a whole lot of people looking at me. For some reason panic set in and all I could think was "who in the hell?" when suddenly I remembered it was my 2 year anniversary with Casey. (Two years is a long time for both of us.) Once I realized they were from him I was thrilled. I love flowers. I love them more when they come from the right people. Casey is the right people. He told me he tried to find black flowers (my favorite color) but no luck so he went with the next best thing. How thoughtful was that? It was incredibly nice of him and unexpected. I appreciated it.

This all got me thinking about the various things humans do to create romantic moments. Obviously proposals come to mind. I was thinking about high school when people asked you to the prom and other dances. I was asked to the prom on a very large sign at a busy intersection in town. It got a lot of attention and thankfully I liked the guy or that would have been really embarrassing.

My grandmother was proposed to by her first husband when she was thirteen. He didn't know how to write so he had his sister write a note and hand it to my grandmother on the school bus. They got married and I think she had my aunt when she was 14. Those were the good old days.

My father asked my mother to move in with him and she said that her father would never pay for a wedding if she moved in with him first. So they got married. I think that is the most romantic story of all!

I also have friend's stories about carriage rides through Central Park and limos to the Eiffel Tower but all that crap is over done.

I'm writing all of this in hopes that some of you have some good stories. Come on, show me what ya got.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

I just asked my mom and he said that he proposed to her while they were watching breakfast At Tiffanys.. So there ya have it.. MY DAD IS ROMANTIC! hahahaha


Mike said...

She said: I've never gotten off getting oral sex.

I said: Oh yea?

Dana said...

He said: "Well, if we're going to buy a house I guess we should get married."

I said, "whatever"

GMEyster said...

Congrats on two years!

Anonymous said...

My wife's ex ruined flowers for her so I have to get really creative with little gifts. I know her favorite candy, and little things like cards and letters are a real boost to her. I'll drop a note in her purse or lunch bag now and then. And if I want to be funny, I draw a picture of a penis and put it in her purse or something. That always gets a laugh. Now and then I surprise her with a Starbucks gift card.

I try to pay attention to little things she says so that I can do those things for her.


Real Live Lesbian said...

As we sat on a picnic table with a red umbrella overlooking Boothbay Harbor, she poured me a glass of my favorite chardonnay. She looked straight into my eyes and said, I think this is the perfect place to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me.

How could I say no?

Happy Anniversary!

gary rith said...

Oh, happy anniversary! A good man, remembering an anniversary like that.
Back before we got together? My wife, who is a tiny little thing, heard I was moving apartments and asked if she could help! Then we started to date and all. And we have moved a WHOLE LOTTA junk in the 17 years since she said that!
Man, I should post this myself--17 years this month? I better get some flowers!

Farmer*swife said...

Two years!!! Yay!!!

We went to San Antonio for our third year of "dating" anniversary. We were walking around and he went down on one knee in front of the Alamo (with people around and watching) and he asked me to marry him!


Farmer*swife said...

Oh, and we'd only been dating about three or four months and Easter came along. For Easter DH gave me a basket with a bunny rabbit and a ladies 38 special (five shot revolver).

Not romantic to some of y'all, but to me? I knew he was a keeper!!!!!

moooooog35 said...

I once surprised my wife with a coffee pot for her birthday.

Romance, thy name is me.

Knight said...

Ne- Wait, like, on a couch or at the movie theater? You need more detail!

Mike- Ha. Did you leave? Wait, is this a before or after story?

Dana- That is sweet. Then he gave you your own credit card and said "go get a ring" right?

GMEyster- Thanks! Congrats on the new nephew!

Knot- How did he ruin flowers? Nevermind, I don't want to know. You told me a little about the stuff you do for her before and you are very creative. I don't know about the whole penis thing but if it makes her laugh... No, you are right, that is funny.

Anndi said...

On my birthday a few years ago out of the blue, I get an e-mail from a guy I met during training at the corporate offices. I thought he was handsome but never entertained any thoughts of anything actually happening. He remembered my birthday and just wanted to wish me a good day.

We e-mailed back and forth for a while and I fell hard. We met up again after 9 months of e-mails and some phone calls and I was a goner from the first kiss. You know, how in the old movies the girl's foot flips up? Yeah, that was me.

We spend any holiday we can together and someday...

Anndi said...

Oh, and Happy Anniversary! :)

Knight said...

RLL- I thought of you as I was writing the post. I was hoping you would come by and retell your story. It's even better the second time!

Gary- That is pretty gutsy of her to offer to help you move. That is a big commitment. Happy anniversary! Go get some flowers!

Farmer*swife- At the Alamo? That is the first time I have heard that one. Very original.

A bunny and a gun? wasn't for hunting was it? Poor bunny. It must be a southern charm thing. Goes right over my head.

Knight said...

Moooooog35- Mmmm coffee! When she opened it did you say "Now get in the kitchen and make me a pot, woman!" ?

Anndi- Yep you're a goner. I can hear the dreamy in your typing. It is pretty romantic that a random guy remembered your birthday and kicked off a whole relationship with it. Impressive!

Mike said...

Durrr, it's before. And it was a challenge.

Course, I was 25 at the time and she was only 18, so all she's ever had was teenage turds try it.

I think I still have the scratch marks in my back :P

Karen said...

I am not much for traditional candle light and roses. I think romance is a very personal thing. What I think is romantic is surprising me with tickets to a great sporting event or taking a drive out of the city to watch the leaves change.

Anonymous said...

HONEY!!! They were at home... Eating and watching TV when he just asked her!!

NOW I DONT want to hear how I GOT here!! I see my dad is like the best Romantic man ever!! LOL!!!


Darla said...

Casey is THEE BEST. Seriously. Those are gorgeous too.

Welp, i don't believe in carriage rides because i feel bad for the horses. BUT i was proposed to in central park, on the lake, in a row boat.

he brought a bottle of wine from our first vacation together (all our vacations involve wineries, odd) and packed a picnic. he served me each course. (he even bought a vintage picnic basket on ebay, awwww) the last course, which i thought was cannolis, was actually my ring.(I never DID get that cannoli...damnit!)

it was my birthday too, and he also gave me my first ipod later on at my apartment where he cooked dinner for me and all of my friends. (he got the ipod even though he could have skated by on the ring alone, HA!)

i figure if he can cook for an entire dinner party, buy me cool electronics, pack picnics, and be strong enough to row us around on a boat, i should marry him.

Knight said...

Mike- Yeah, those kids don't know shit. Good for guys, bad for girls.

Karen- You've got the right idea. Romance is in the eye of the beholder...wait, does that make sense? Whatever, you find it in different things. That is wonderful and provides more surprises for you.

SingleSisNe- Oooohhh, so they lived together and were watching a chick flick? How could your mom say no?

Darla- Yeah, he is, I know. I think it's going to his head.

I don't like carriage rides because they smell like poop. Why did I not know your proposal story before now? A ring and an Ipod and TWO meals? Bobby ROCKS! I really love the canoe in the park idea. That is brilliant for city bitches like us. Awesome story Darla.

Darla said...

Thanks much! It does make for a pretty good story...I have no idea why I never told you, not even when you saw the album. lol

Micky-T said...

We have so little money left, now were both, enemployed, if we get married we'll get money for sure and we can go back to California where I always have a job with Hank.

[somewhere in that is the question mark]

She said, yes!

Micky-T said...

I forgot to add that I was on my knees and it was 1976 and were together still.

Tall Lanky Jew said...

Happy 2 years hun. xoxxx

Reb said...

Oh, Happy Anniversary! Those are wonderful flowers.

Jo said...

Happy 2 years to both of you! It's so sweet Casey looked for black flowers.

Rene & I were driving in the car & I was having a bitch attack about something. He pulled over on Ledge Street, reached into the glove compartment, & handed me a ball of crumpled tissue. I opened it & the ring was inside. He said, Marry me. I said, Damn it. Then we both started laughing.

Technodoll said...

I really like your blog... mind if I add you to my fav links? :-)

Romance is sooo not dead. I think he catcalled and whistled at me from a dump truck the other day. Oh wait - wrong guy. My bad.

jack mehoff said...

sappy but true: i had it all planned out....the champagne and wine glasses from home, the trip to the park on the way to dinner, the poem i wrote which was the actual proposal, with the ring inside the book of poetry carved into the pages of the book, and the baloon ride. this whole thing was rescheduled over and over and over for months. the fucking balloon wouldnt pan out. it was too windy, it was too cold, it was too hot it was too something.

finally i said fuck it and went with all of the prior mentionables and proposed at the restaurant with the book. i repeated it once more once we finally got up in the air in the balloon and got down on one knee.

if its for the right person, all the planning and timing and stressing is worth it. its worth getting to see your loved ones reaction.