Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Am I Doing?

Today marks five years at my current job. Five years of my youth. Five years of ideas. Five years best left unacknowledged.


Tink said...

My five year mark is February 2nd. I think the same thing every day... What the fuck am I doing?

Anonymous said...

well at least, you have 5 yrs of Social Security built of that we are NOT gonna be able to use!! LOL!!

I don't even have a year under my belt at my job!!!

Have a great day!


Michael Knight Rambo said...

God I've nearly been at my job (dashing international spy) for fifteen years! Ewww!
I'd love to waste my youth in a more interesting manner.

GMEyster said...

But just did an evening of song that went marvelously. You're with a great guy who cares about you and surprises you with flowers and emergency nursing attention, and you live in the greateat city in the universe!

Dana said...

Well then Missy, I guess you had better make a change!

moooooog35 said...

And they say a good prostitute only makes it about three years.

Congrats on beating the odds!

gary rith said...

I am glad you have continued performing though!

Farmer*swife said...

On the upside? You've been paying your bills for five years....does that make ya' feel better?

Real Live Lesbian said...

Here's hoping that you can soon live your dream!

Darla said...

Just keep interviewing (try to get an idea of salary first, eek). Want the names of any of my recruiters?

Darla said...

p.s. 2 anniversaries in one week!

Also, I'm much older than you (by at least, what, 15 years?) and I have not been at ANY job for 5 years. I actually give you lots of credit.

Knight said...

Tink - Lets start an online business and quit our jobs. Something even cooler than Etsy!

Ne- Ugh! That isn't helping. SS is a freakin joke.

MKR- Dashing international spy? How about you and I trade jobs?

GMEyster- You're right! I have it pretty good now that you mention it. If only I were a trust fund baby.

Dana- I know. I'm working on that right now.

Knight said...

Moooog35- The secret is in the condoms!

Gary- Yeah, well, I just started that up again. It's probably the only thing keeping me from sobbing.

Farmer*sWife- uh....kinda? Priorities get blurry somewhere in the last five years.

RLL- Thank You!!

Darla- Yeah, I learned that with the last one. Um, we should talk.

15 years? Uh, it's more like 2!