Monday, January 12, 2009


It's national Delurking Day in blog land. If by chance there is anyone reading this today is the day to leave a comment and make yourself known! Anyone? Bueller?
*Credit to Rude Cactus for creation of Delurking Day.

Last Thursday night I went to a hypnotism show. Casey decided to participate and did many an amusing thing including playing butt guitar and making love to a chair that he was calling a chicken. He remembers everything and felt more like he was playing along rather than doing things unintentionally. Yeah, I'm glad I stayed in the audience. It was hilarious.

Spamalot (The Monty Python Musical) had it's final show on Broadway last night. I went in 2005 while the show was still in previews with the original cast and then again last night. It was really exciting to see the final show with Eric Idle coming up on stage after the curtain call and giving a speach thanking everyone. He asked all people in the audience that had been a part of the show at any point to come up. David Hyde Pierce was there and looking, well, sort of pale and scary. It was a great experience. I've never been at the closing night of a Broadway show. It's bitter sweet.

Did any lurkers show up yet? Reveal yourselves!


Knot said...

I would call myself a stalker rather than a lurker.


Tall Lanky Jew said...

I confess I am lurking from your comfy bed. (yes... Still in it!)

Mike said...

I once got hypnotized.

37 people were killed.

Shortly after that, I decided to quit smoking cold turkey, in a locked and padded cell.

Farmer*swife said...

I'm not a lurker. I'm an all out bloggie! Happy Monday, Gal!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

whoa, Knight, did you know there was a lurking stalker in your bed?

Tink said...

I was in NYC when Spamalot first came to broadway! It's a shame I never got to see it. Happy Delurking Day Knight. You are one of my most favorite bloggers. *MUAH*

Dana said...

Well, you know me, I don't lurk, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to expose myself!

Jay said...

I say we should all reveal ourselves too!

Someday when I go to NYC I will go to a Broadway play. I've been to many "Broadway Series" road company plays over the years though.

I've also been to a hypnotism show once. There was no way I would go up there on stage. A buddy of mine did and I really wish I had been carrying a video camera at the time. I would have had serious blackmail material!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm sort of a lurker. I prefer to think of myself as too busy to respond, but good enough of a friend to take the time to read your ramblings.

Big John said...

I wouldn't say I was a lurker since I've never looked at your blog before.

I've never even written in my own blog; I just started one so I could read my ex-wife's blog.
Oh, wait, I guess that makes me a lurker after all. Just not a lurker to you.

I really just came here because I Googled "spamalot closing night" to see if anybody wrote about it.
I was there, and I'm surprised there aren't more crazy fans out there who were excited about seeing Eric Idle on stage.

BBC said...

Last Thursday night I went to a hypnotism show.

They have never been able to hypnotize me. Well, women can but maybe that's just because I'm a fucking idiot when it comes to women.

Micky-T said...

I'm always peeking in!

Matt-Man said...

The only lurking that I do is at night...outside of my neighbor's bedroom window. Cheers Knight!!

tt said...

have you said the word 'delurk' over and over??? It just sounds it's not a word ....strange I know...
I 'lurk' freely so I'm not delurking...
Geeze that's a strange word......
I'll go now...
Happy Tuesday-thru-forever...;)

furiousBall said...

wait, only the people that haven't been commenting are allowed to expose themselves to you?

that's crap

kcinnova said...

I'm not a lurker (well, not here anyway)... and I'm a day late and a dollar short... and my *#$&% space bar is sticking.
But at least I'm commenting, right?

heh. Expose ourselves? Like, go commando and tell?

Michael Knight Rambo said...

I once saw David Hyde Pierce.
It was in the daytime and his pale, scary skin sparked like a million diamonds in the sunlight.

Aunt Jackie said...

Hi Knight!! DeLurkifying from Tink's blog... hope you're having a great week,and great 2009 so far!!

Aunt Jackie
(AJ for short)


Real Live Lesbian said...

Hi there! (waves furiously)

Yeah, I'm no lurker....but I couldn't resist saying hi!

Reb said...

I completely missed a couple of days - I swear I was around, but, don't know what I did. I sometimes lurk, but not often. I would have loved to have seen Spamalot and Eric Idle, that must have been great.

Knight said...

Knot- Yeah, I tend to go by stalker as well. It's fitting.

TLJ- Rub it in why don't ya.

Mike- When I finally go over the edge I'm going to use the hypnotism excuse too.

Farmer*sWife- Happy Friday too!

Gary- Scary right? I wish I could lurk from my bed too.

Tink- Are you a Monty Python fan? It's a very fun show. You are my favorite blogger so MUAH back at ya.

Dana- Hey, if somebody asks why not?

Jay- I'll go with you to a Broadway show if you ever visit. Did your buddy remember being hypnotized?

Anon- Who is this? I'm thinking NYCeCe because of the phrasing. Too busy to log in?

Big John- Ha! I'm so glad to find somebody elses lurker dropped in today. I didn't try looking for more Eric Idle closing night fans but maybe they needed a few days to compose themselves before writing about it. It was a fun night, wasn't it?

BBC- They just take off their shirts, right?

Micky-T- Thanks man. I'm always checking in at your place too. Even if I don't always comment.

Matt-Man- Only to your neighbor? Are you sure about that? Not any old girlfriends or anything?

Knight said...

TT- Now that you point it out it is very odd. It sounds like galloping.

Furiousball- You can expose yourself whenever you like. You get special privileges.

Kcinnova- It's more like a show and tell ;)

MKR- Yeah! That is exactly what it looks like.

AJ- Well Hello! I'll come over and visit shortly. Thanks for dropping in.

RLL- Ha, come on in. Everybody is exposing themselves today.

Reb- It was pretty exciting. We only had tickets to the last show by chance. When I bought them there was still supposed to be another week but they canceled it. I had no idea we would be witness to part of the celebration. Very cool.