Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where In The Hell I've Been

Happy Holidays and New Year and Winter Solstice and well... all those other Holidays I missed. Not working in an office makes it very difficult to keep up this whole blogging thing. It seems I just don't have the time to write but that isn't exactly true. I'm going to blame my boyfriend Sky. He has a bit of an addiction to the Internet. He won't admit to it but he does. I have to trick him into looking the other way just so I can check my e-mail. That's okay though. I needed new hobbies.

What was I up to the last time I checked in? I have no idea. I've been working at the Algonquin Theater as a manager of some sorts. It's been pretty damn cool. Sky is playing the role of Dylan in the off Broadway musical SESSIONS that is running at the Algonquin so it has been convenient for us. I've been assistant directing and understudying for the theater as well as producing, performing in, and hosting cabarets. I've met a lot of wonderful, amazing, and in several cases talented people. I have had a wonderful time.

The whole seizure thing still sucks. They have been more frequent and let me tell ya, it's not the sort of thing you get used to. I'm still working on figuring out what that's all about. I assume I always will be. It's frightening that this little thing has overtaken my life and is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning. In fact I think about it all day every day in pretty much all that I do. Ridiculous.

Things are alright I guess. I need to get a new office job so I can afford my rent. I also need to work on getting a full cabaret together. This new year coming up is a world of I don't know. I don't know where I will be working or what I will be doing. I could be homeless. I could but I don't think my mother would let that happen. I wouldn't handle moving back to Illinois well though. I might prefer the homeless New York lifestyle. Depends on the season.

Also, I'm considering becoming a nudist. Does anyone have any advice on that?


Anonymous said...

Knight!! We've missed you!!

I'm sorry those seizures are still trying to control your life.
On the plus side, you've been doing theatre, which you love.

I still haven't made it up to NYC. Our Spring break trip washed out and I haven't yet gotten my act together for the replacement trip. My 18yo thinks we should see musicals on Broadway. yes, plural. I'm wondering if he is old enough to see one of your shows (because why else would we go to NYC? besides Broadway, that is). So please don't go the nudist route until after our visit, LOL.

Jay said...

I had all kinds of things I was going say about how awesome it is that you posted and how much I've missed you and stuff like that. Then I read the last sentence of your post and lost all ability to think.

That really sucks about the seizures. I really wish I knew anything about that stuff and could be some kind of help. And best of luck on the office job thing. And that NUDIST THING! LOL ;-)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Very glad you posted. Sucks to be homeless. Send pics of you nude and I'll let you know if you should become a nudist.

That seizure thing sucks too.

Doc said...

Well hello aren't you a sight for sore eyes! I thought you had dropped off the planet. I hope the seizures get better for you in the coming year. I know that is a terrible ordeal... Now on the other hand I wholeheartedly support your nudism... and I hope you don't become homeless. A homeless nudist may get kinda chilly.

Reb said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you've been very busy, are you sure you have time for an office job? ;)

I'm sorry to hear they still haven't figured out your seizures. That just sucks!

As for the nudist thing, sounds great, I would reconsider it though if you wind up homeless :)

May the New Year only bring you great things Knight!

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

umm, sounds like a good idea, but summer might be a better time to launch that project. and homeless is just a state of mind. well, maybe not, i bet it sucks ass for the most part. My mom lives 20 mins fr the city - she'd be happy to take a trusted blogger in. i didnt know about the seizure thing - wish i knew something that could be helpful. happy new years though knight, good to have you back

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain your mom won't let you become homeless, in New York or Illinois. I'm also pretty certain she would not be in favor of the nudist thing but you never know.

Micky-T said...

Awe Dang! I thought I left a comment a few days ago when you showed up out of thin air, apparently not so this is what you get.
Welcome back, you know you've been missed by a bunch of us.

And what the hell is that word verification thingy? Oh well, OK, for you....

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Howdy Beautiful! Where you been, Gal? So glad to see a post from you!

Love that you have been working in the venue you love <3

New Beau? Sky? Love the name, too!

Well, if an office job pays the rent that is great; but, now that you are better connected with the management of the theatre -- maybe you can do both? Or, pick up a part time office job.

Either way, tell Sky you have to check in with us now and then. ;-)

Happy New Year and all wonderful things and blessings to you. Especially, in the health department....

Real Live Lesbian said...

I've missed you! I've been to a nudist camp with my old boss. It's kinda nice. I highly recommend it. Especially in the summer.

Here's hoping you get a handle on the seizures.

GMEyster said...

Happy New Year to you. Sounds like you have been uber busy. Great about the job - I love that theatre :o)

Hope to see you sometime soon.

LL said...

Whoa... I can't believe I missed this. Nudist you say? Oh honey... you could never be a nudist. Those people are ugly and scary. If they were strippers they'd make more starting out naked and put clothes on. Not you my dear.

Good to see you back at it, sad to see that you've still got finance troubles. Drop us a line as soon as you can. ;)