Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scary Dreams

Do you ever have dreams that are so vivid you actually have to go back over what you did the day before just to make sure they didn't happen? I do. I had a dream like that last night and for a good minute I was really scared today until I remembered I didn't leave my home at all last night. The scariest part is that what happened in my dream could easily happen any time if I let my guard down.

In dream land I was at a bar I frequent where I know the bartender. I was with some old friends and some new friends that I don't know as well. I was towards the end of my first beer when I noticed I was feeling funny. Infact I was feeling intoxicated. It hit me all at once. I remember saying to the bartender that something was wrong and I think I had been drugged. I wanted him to please make sure I didn't leave with anyone and help me get a cab. Then everyone there was trying to escort me back to my apartment to make sure I was safe but I had to do it alone because I still had no idea who drugged me in the first place. Who was I supposed to be afraid of? Everyone? I don't even remember if I made it home in my dream. It just sort of fades out and I assume I must have had to wake up at this point.

I guess I probably had this dream because it is something I am constantly aware of. I feel like it's something I'm supposed to be prepared for just incase. My best friend was drugged once when she was alone at a bar with a bartender she knew. She had to keep a stranger from following her home and spent the night lying on the floor of her hallway in her own vomit. I've known several women who have had things like this happen to them. It really is a nightmare.

As for all of you I wish you only sweet dreams.


kcinnova said...

Knight, that is really scary! I'm glad that for you it was only a dream.

My family is once again making plans to come up to NYC for spring break. This time we have SuperDad on board and a place to stay a lot closer in than Elizabeth, NJ.
My grand hope would be to see you perform, but I'll have all 4 boys with us (ages 10-18). I don't suppose that would work out, eh?

Anonymous said...

i had a dream that was very vivid about a family member dying. i actually had to call her to make sure she was ok. yes, it is very disturbing. What about the marathon dreams where you visit lots of different planets and see all these different, weird beings? Have you had one of those???

Baba Hot said...

Sorry about that, the anonymouse is from babahot in Arizona.

furiousBall said...

yeah, i've had one since i was a child, very vivid, very gory - but weird harmless too. makes no sense, a lot like this comment

Anonymous said...

Wow ... that is scary.

Jay said...

I used to have very vivid and violent dreams. Especially when I was in high school and even college. For a while I thought it might mean that I was psycho or something cause all the freaks in the movies acted out their dreams. But, those went away.

But, I do still every once in a while have dreams about friends that are both disturbing and super real feeling. Like Baba Hot I've had to call people or email them to check on them after dreams. I really hate it when that happens too.

Mariana said...

OMG, I have never dreamed of a very vivid and violent dream. Good for me, I hope!
But, I'm glad that it's only a bad dream!
I'm Mariana and I'm from Madeira, and island which is situated in Portugal.

(Madeira, Portugal)

Reb said...

Yes, dreams like that are scary. Hell, it's just scary that something like that could happen to you and has happened to a friend of yours. Glad to know you keep a wary eye out!

Casey said...

I occasionally have dreams that are so vivid they ruin most of my day. Most involve Manilow and the word 'moist' (my least favorite word ever). Althogh a GREAT band name. I'd pay good money to see Moist Manliow in!!

Knight said...

Kcinnova- I'm sorry to say I don't have any projects in the works that would be suitable for anyone under 18 as lots of liquor tends to be involved.

BabaHot- I've had scary realtives death dreams too but I don't recall ever visiting other beings. I do think my grandmother has told me about having that sort of dream though. Interesting!

Furiousball- You have captured my interest. I would like to know more.

Knot- Yep. Don't try it at home.

Jay- I also used to have scary I might be a psycho dreams that worried me a little but luckily it was only a dream.

Hi Mariana. I'm glad you have never had to experience it.

Reb- Yeah I think it's the always being cautious which causes you to act out your fears in your dreams. I do that a lot.

Knight said...

Holy crap Casey you wrote while I was writing! What are the odds? None of your moist Manilow dreams surprise me at all. At all.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I haven't had many scary dreams as of late. But, I haven't been sleeping well enough to dream lately.

My most common dream is where I have telekinetic powers. I had this dream since I was a child. First I start with a pencil, typically I move on to light switches and in a very active dream I actually hover. But, I have to concentrate very hard and I always wake up with a headache with those deep ones.

I still remember my worst childhood nightmare though.

Anonymous said...

i had a dream last night that i was running from my ex he was trying to kill me are something, but at the end it wasn't me i was just watching it at the end of my dream. I don't know it was so weird there is soooo much more to the dream like i was hiding under a porch full of water, then i jumped over this really big fence to get away from him and on the otherside of the fence was a guy playing golf, that fucker didn't even help me when my ex was trying to kill me LOL, i don't know it was soooo weird. i had the scariest dreams a person could have, but for some reason i am never scared in my dream, then i wake up and get all scared like am i gunna see some1 in the mirror when i go to the bathroom in the morning, eeeeeee scary.