Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaack

Buenos Dias.

I'm tan and happy and had an awesome vacation full of free drinks at the swim up bar. The water was perfect and so was the company. I drunkenly sang at a couple of places with bands that didn't speak English. It was amazing. You should have been there.

I want to thank my mother for making me go on this vacation as well as buying me the bathing suite in the photo above. She also was kind enough to humor me and take some photos of me in the water so I could post them here for all of you. I personally think this action shot is hilarious.

She also took this gorgeous shot of the sunset.

It was odd sharing a room with my mother and brother when I'm used to living alone. We worked it out though. See, my brother loves me.

This photo of us is particularly hilarious because if you knew us you would know we aren't a touchy family. We don't hug or get near each other. Obviously this happened after a day of serious cocktail imbibing and I'm violently grabbing and shoving his face toward the camera. He never smiles. Actually, we made friends with that guy in the background and he told us that their group knew my brother as "The Angry Smoker" because he always looks pissed. Adorable, isn't it?

Some lovely person in our group talked us into taking a family picture and shockingly I think it turned out well. I'm betting this will be framed next time I visit the hometown.

The absolute craziest part about this vacation is that when I got home and got on the scale I found out I actually LOST weight while I was eating fatty buffet food all week. How in the hell did that happen? I guess Jet Skiing and that five minutes of water aerobics really worked out.

So as you can probably tell, I had an okay time. My mood has drastically improved. I did a lot of soul searching that made me realize I've got options and I'm a lucky girl.

Adios Muchachos!


Micky-T said...

Great pics. You do the suit justice and you look just like a celebrity coming up that beach.
The picture of you and your brother definitly is a great picture. Glad you had a well deserved got all touchy feely with your family.

Jay Simser said...

So wonderful, I am glad you went and shared the pictures with us. You all look so relaxed in the last picture. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. BTW we had snow (again) last night,,,I am so jealous of your trip.

Reb said...

It's okay to get all touchy feely with family every few decades or so ;) Looks like you had a great relaxing time and I am a bit jealous.

Mike said...

Sometimes touchy feely works out good.

Joker_SATX said...

Hey Chica...Buenas Tacos!

Looks like an Awesome time and that sunset shot was spectacular. Glad you are back to the mayhem at hand....and yes, we have kept it all nice and chaotic for you.

Laugh At Joker

furiousBall said...

bikini. raar.

Jay said...

Yay for fun vacations!

You don't need to lose any weight though, you look fantastic!

That first pic is the wallpaper on my computer. ;-)

kcinnova said...

You look fantastic AND like you had a wonderful time. With enough imbibing, any family can become touchy-feely (or, you know, blow up at each other). Glad it went well!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

a) you and your brother look like twins, maybe you are? I forget. probably you are NOT, but look it :)
b) your brother? shoot, I want his Vans and those jeans, WHERE DOES HE SHOP?
c) gawd, Knight, you know as well as I do, DRINKS HAVE NO CALORIES and they are good for you! of course you lost weight. More drinks equals more health...

Dianne said...

Jay made me laugh about making your pic his wallpaper

you're so freaking gorgeous
goddess gorgeous kid

cool looking family too

I loved your comment about my lawyer, thanks
you're a good kid

welcome home

Knot said...

Yes, you are lucky and have options. Glad you had fun.

Nadia said...

Glad you're back! Looking forward to your posts.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

How awesome!

Your brother is such a handsome chap!

The sunshine and beaches are wonderful for the mood and spirit. Sunshine truly does have a chemical affect on us.

And, the action shot is not cheesy. It's so 'James Bond'!

GMEyster said...

So glad you had some "get away" time....and that you came back feeling renewed.


Matt-Man said...

If your brother is known as "The Angry Smoker" I dig him. Cheers Gorgeous!!

LL said...
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LL said...

Now why would you leave stormy NYC for sun and sand and much drinking? Just doesn't make sense to me... ;)

And she bought you a whole bathing suite? Now that's a good mom!

Mike said...

The angry smoker.




Sorry. That's funny.

jack mehoff said...

if by "soul searching" you mean "drinking" then i know what you mean

otherwise just delete this