Monday, June 20, 2011

Is This Really My Life?

Since this blog is my therapy outlet it appears I have turned it into a recap of what I do with my life. Well, that isn’t stopping now. So let’s talk about my weekend. Actually, let me talk. You just sit there and read with an uncomfortable look on your face.

Friday night I was hanging out with the gorgeous and ridiculously talented Benji. I plied him with wine and delicious bloody marys. He drew this amazing picture of me within about a minute and said it was just practice. What he drew in seconds I couldn’t accomplish in….ever. I would post it but that would be weird. Then we went out on the town and talked about our different kissing methods. (Yep Ben, I just announced that on my blog ;) So, yeah that was the highlight of my weekend.

It was all downhill from there.

Saturday I went to rehearsal with the terrible cover band. Apparently my “friend” succeeded in kicking out the bass player because a guy I had never seen before walked in the door and started playing with us. That’s too bad. The original bass was a nice guy. Then afterwards I went to my Cheers bar where I discovered that this same “friend” has been trash talking me for months to anyone that will listen. He was upset when he found out I was dating the bartender so he has basically been making up stories and making me look like a whore. Thanks a lot asshole. You just wait and see the kind of wrath I’m capable of. He’ll get his I assure you.

Speaking of assholes…..

Saturday night I was supposed to hang out with Sky which would be the first time we hung out just the two of us out on the town since the breakup. He bailed on me. I got a headache (probably from the wrath) and went to sleep ridiculously early. Sunday I woke up, did some work, and went roller skating. Sky wanted to see the new Woody Allen movie so we made plans. We met at the bar and everything was going fine. We got on the subway and irrational anger started pouring out of both of us. It turned into a loud F&% YOU fight on the platform. It was humiliating. He blames everything on me and I know he expects me to apologize. I disagree. So we aren’t speaking.

Then I drowned myself in tears and liquor which is a very sexy look on any devastated girl. It screams “I’m an easy target!” Luckily I survived and woke up today still shaken up but ready for a hungover day at the office.

How was your weekend?


IWS Radio said...

Huh Heh .. You have 69 followers.

Uh .. Sorry. I'm easily distracted.

A shouting match on the subway platform is kinda awesome. At least you shouting at someone is. Sorry it was a crappy weekend though. And I'm totally willing to track down this asshole saying bad things about you and ninja kicking him right in the groin. Just say the word babe!

- Jay

Reb said...

With friends like that who needs enemies? I am glad you survived a crappy weekend though. Remember that revenge is a dish best served cold ;)

Mike said...

'I would post it but that would be weird.'


Dianne said...

it's NY, public displays of wrath are expected

the trash talker behind your back isn't worth the time or effort, it comes from insecurity and pettiness and a black soul

I have tried to be friends with exs and it has never really worked, the best we ever got to was akward and cordial

Tall Lanky Jew said...

Man...Exes suck!!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

well, Knight, maybe Benji is good luck for you and you should keep him closer? :)

Mike said...

You know that video you saw of my pup?

That was pretty much my weekend.

Well, except I took the old man out for breakfast for fathers day then later we had a BBQ.

But still, tame.

Knight said...

Jay- THE WORD THE WORD! I think it would be hilarious if a total stranger kicked him in the balls. That is exactly what he needs.

Reb- Ooh I like that. I will serve it cold and in little increments like Tapas!

Mike- Valid question. I didn't get approval from the artist to share it.

Dianne- I get what you mean about the exes but then another ex of mine commented right after you and he is one of the best people of my life. Maturity is a huge factor.

TLJ- HEY! I do not suck! Have I thanked you for being amazing lately?

Gary- I think you are right. I tried to lock him in my apartment but he found a way out. Maybe I could cut off his foot and keep it on my key chain as a good luck charm? Like a rabbit's foot.

Mike- You played with an old lady cart all weekend? Want me to come dramatize your surroundings for you?