Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I don’t fu%$ing care what you think anymore.

Everyone needs to just shut up about Occupy Wall Street.
Shut up about Paterno being a douche.
Shut up about that strange A List Dallas character that was attacked.
Shut up about Chaz Bono.
Shut up shut up shut up.

The amount of crazy ignorance that has been spewed around me within the past couple of days has made me completely hateful and hopeless for mankind.

For the love of Jeebus people. Don’t blindly follow anything. Do your research. Real research. Get Facts. Get your facts from reliable sources. Think for yourself.  


jack mehoff said...

sweet baby jesus on fire, you're abso-fuckin-lutely correct

fiwa said...

You get a resounding "HAYMEN" from the choir. Or is it the Peanut Gallery? NO! I want to be one of the grumpy old men in the MUPPET GALLERY!!!!!

*snicker* my word verification word is "noging". I want to nog someone.

Dana said...

Or better yet, worry about what your own self is doing and quit worrying about everyone else!

Not you ... of course ... but you know *smooch*

Anonymous said...

Thinking for ourselves? But... but... that would require actually using our brains! And it might hurt!

Mike said...

You have to quit holding back and let people know what you really think.:)

I'm With Stupid said...

The Penn St and Paterno stories aren't going anywhere. Of course, they'll focus on all the wrong aspects of the story.

The rest of those? Just people screaming at each other.

Of course, you could scream at me anytime. ;-)


jack mehoff said...

forgot about this one:

very applicable - fuck it

Reb said...

Amen Sister! I actually had a women in a waiting room beside me (the news was on TV) say that if they (Occupy ppl) wanted to change things, they should just go into politics!

Mike said...

After you're done 'feeling stabby' with occupy wall street, by all means, 'feel stabby' with occupy Toronto.


LL said...

I blindly follow this blog and you my dear...

Do you really want me to quit? ;P