Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I’m crazy about him.

My gorgeous Italian boyfriend left the country 22 days ago. I won’t see him again for another 41 days.


I didn’t realize how pathetically crazy in love I am with this man until he cut me off and now I feel like a heroin addict that can only find weed as a replacement. The weed being Facebook and Skype in this scenario. I never imagined I could be separated from someone for 22 days and still think about them every few minutes.  I’ve become a loser.  I have been destroyed. He has ruined me. I’m annoying now. I can’t talk about anything but how much I miss my heroin. I don’t want to be annoying. I just want my fix.

I have fallen really hard. All of a sudden that saying makes sense to me. I feel all bloody and broken. In the most romantic way possible of course.

Realistically I assume this feeling is passing but so far it’s only getting worse. I assume the rabid bats flying around in my chest will eventually calm into contentment but right now they keep waking up and making me nauseous.  That’s a beautiful bit of imagery for a love song. I’m so inspired.

So for the next 41 days I will go on with my life as usual. I will publicly try to not act like a crack addict. He can do whatever he needs to do in Italy and I’ll do whatever keeps me alive in New York.

Yes, I have gone insane.


reich said...

I love you so much. If I could throw it up in my own mouth I would, to endlessly taste how beautiful it is to be in love with you.

reich said...

And I don't need to do anything, here. I'll just think of you until we can share our patheticness again.

Reb said...

You two make a very handsome couple and I am so happy for you! Kinda makes me want to be in my 20's again, well, maybe not ;)

Anonymous said...

What a loser...


I'm With Stupid said...

Happy insane is way better than sad insane. I'm happy that you're happy insane.


Jo said...

Oh I love this!!! I might be sick but I think love is such a pain in the ass, it had better turn you inside out, curl your toes, and make you want to do things that are actually quite disgusting. I'm so happy for you!

Also, you guys look ridiculously beautiful together.