Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Where have I been?

Oh dear blog. It's been so long! How I have missed thee. These past few weeks have been busy but that is not the best excuse for having neglected you for so long. San Antonio was alright. I love my family and being so far from them only strengthens that. In general the city was okay. I can't say I'll be rushing back any time soon. I got home around 11pm Sunday night and left for Minneapolis at 1pm on Monday. Packing was easy at least. Although I was a bit of a mess mentally. I like to be as prepared as possible for business meetings and I was sure I was missing something important. Everything went well though. When I meet my clients I always feel reassured that I am doing my job well.

Minneapolis was an interesting city. I like being alone in a big city. When the work day ends I get to roam around finding a place to dine and amuse myself for a few hours. When I'm tired out I have my own hotel room to go back to. On this trip I found a cool little jazz club called Rossi's. I came across it while wandering and it was perfect. It was a dimly lit underground joint with a big bar and little round tables surrounding the stage. The band playing was the Scottie Miller Band. These guys have a southern blues sound that is really addictive. So much so that I went back a second night and made friends with them. The singer/songwriter/pianist Scottie and the bass player John took me out to a bar after the set and we chatted for a few hours. Really cool people. Wonderful experience.

Everyone is busy. Everyone has amazing stuff happening. How on earth do we all keep up with our lives? I have to say to the people I know read this, you all amaze the hell out of me. Shows and jobs and new amazing people just keep tumbling in and everyone is so talented. It's a rich life. I sound drunk and I have not been drinking. That means it's bed time. G'night blog. G'night rich friends.


GMEyster said...

Carly, that is AWESOME. The only great thing I remember about San Antonio is the River Walk. Did you get to see that at all? Great restaurants and clubs along this river that flows through the city. Beautiful.

I remember Mickey's Diner in Minneapolis. It was a stone's throw from the Ordway, where we played for 3 weeks in December of 2003, so we got to know it well. In the opening scene of "Prairie Home Companion" Kevin Kline is sitting in Mickey's. It's one of those great steel-car diners that's got amazing coffee and corn beef hash and fluffy omelettes (they whip the eggs up in an old fashioned milk-shaker right before putting them into a hit skillet) that are light and airy. We ate there all of the time.

The club you went to sounds awesome, and how wonderful is it that you went back a second night and hung out with the musicians? Love that. You rock.

Carly said...

G- We stayed at a hotel on the River Walk and spent most of our time there. It really is beautiful. Sort of romantic but odd being with your family.
I know exactly what diner you are talking about. It looks so old fashioned and stands out in the heart of the city. I'll try it out if I'm ever back.
So Gwen, have you been everywhere?

Darla said...

I enjoyed the river walk also, but it made me feel lonely, for some reason. Something about being at the riverwalk on tour with tour people, just made me want to see my feel very lonely and far away. I don't even know how I remember that.

Anywho. I'm glad your back. You rock for finding your own personal spot like that, and for being the cool person you are and making friends. Well done.

xo's -D

GMEyster said...

C: No, I haven't been everywhere, but because I was on a tour that played for at least a week in every city (sometimes 2 or 3 weeks) I got to really explore places more than I think I would if I were on a tour that didn't allow as much time between stops. There are plenty of places I'd still love to explore, or get back to!

I love that you meet your family in a random city and just spend the time together - god, that ROCKS.

JasonBSchmidt said...

i'M SO glad you're back. Welcome. That story about Minneapolis is HOTT.