Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Not in my thirties yet.

My neighbors can hear me singing. I had no idea it was that loud until one day when I was warming up in the shower one of them rang the bell and said "was that you?". So I won't be singing so much around the apartment.

I already knew the guy. He records, mixes, and produces out of his apartment. Seems he has been rather successful. Here is an article about him.

Anyway, he apparently likes my voice because he asked me to record for one of his tracks. I didn't take him seriously but after about a month of talking about it we actually got together to listen to his music yesterday. Will and his wife are cool people. I enjoyed chatting with them. I'm not really a hip hop fan but it was an interesting experience anyway. They don't really drink but we had a glass of champagne left over from his birthday which was yesterday. He turned 37 which is much older than I would have though. Then he made a stab at my age.... 29! Believe it or not, I take that as a complement. I want people to think I'm older than I am. I feel much older than I am.

Speaking of how old I am... My birthday is only a month away! I really hope it doesn't rain this year. I would love to have a big outing in the park but my evil birth date seems to think it must rain on that day every single year.

But why worry about it now? Time to throw on my roller skates and enjoy the nice days when we have them.


GMEyster said...

I have never heard you sing. I really would love to hear you sing. That's AWESOME - good for YOU, Carly.

Yay, birthday! I love birthdays.

JasonBSchmidt said...

I'm excited for your birthday. I'll be hoping for you that it doesn't rain so you can drink and skate. YAY!

Darla said...

birthday fun? where?

i want to hear you sing.
i am obsessed with hip hop, are you really recording with him? niiice!