Friday, June 8, 2007

Dirty, Disgusting, Filthy, Flea-Ridden Birds

A pigeon is flying around my office. We are on the top floor of a large building and we can't figure out how in the hell the thing got in here. The ceilings are high and pipes are everywhere so this disgusting rodent with wings must think it has found some sort of Disney World. If it shits on my keyboard I'm going to kill it with my stapler.
Ssshhhhh.... it's watching me. This feels very "quote the raven" I can't stand birds.


Macoosh said...

hey! thanks for commenting on my blog! I think you and i have actually met at one or two of doodle and noodle's get-togethers. i could be wrong; your photo is slightly far awayish.

anyway, stop by whenever ya like; i'll do the same.

and, in regards to your actual post; pigeons are frightening and they used to fly into my room ALL THE TIME before I just moved into a new room. it was out of control. i hope you stapled it to a dayplanner.

GMEyster said...

Ok, can I just say how much your labels of this post cracked me up? You and Doodle have the same talent for hilarious labels.

I love the imagery of you on your desk, weilding a stapler. You get it, gril! KILL KILL KILL!

Darla said...

this sounds like jason's nightmare.

Carly said...

It was a nightmare. The nasty thing just left today. Stupid Birds.

Jay said...

Hey, I came over from Macoosh's blog.

I used to work for a manufacturing company in San Antonio. It wasn't air conditioned so all the doors were open all summer long and birds, especially pigeons got in all the time.

One day a female supervisor picked up something on her desk and let out a scream and jumped back. When I ran over there I saw a dead pigeon on her desk. We figured somebody did it as a joke, but after inspecting it we saw a bullet hole in the bird. A guy who worked in shipping on the overnight shift brought his pellet gun and used the birds for target practice. Nice huh? We fired his ass. LOL

Anyway, cool blog, just thought I'd share my little story with you. ;-)

Carly said...

Welcome Macoosh & Jay. Thanks for sharing the bird stories. I would like to use them for target practice! Macoosh, I had to ask Jason what your name is but I'm pretty sure we have brunched together. I'm sure we will again :)