Friday, September 21, 2007

Neglect and continued Manic speak

I love this city to an extent that is unnatural and I know many people feel the same way. We came here because we knew we had to. It's a beautiful siren calling to us from wherever we were and we knew we had no choice. Not everyone can understand that but I know some of you do. odle. NYC is a place where anything you are looking for is available to you. Set your mind to a new idea and it's all right there waiting for you to find it. The thought of how expansive this is I can not put into words because I would ramble for hours and that is cruel. Anyway, the point I'm trying to get to is that I've been neglecting my city. I don't take advantage of the opportunities anymore. I have not been introducing myself to new places, scenes, and people like I used to. I'm getting lazy. I'm too young to be lazy and wasting my time. So, that is going to change starting tonight. If anybody else want to come along for the ride you just let me know. We have to do it now before the famed city burnout happens and we no longer find it exciting. Then we will all move to different parts of the nation where we never see each other. It's inevitable because none of us are actually crazy. We just like being exposed to it. Unless, of course, I get rich and have two homes. Then one will be in New York. Don't laugh. It could happen in New York!

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GMEyster said...

I love it! Hope you are having a great time living it up in 'your city'!