Sunday, December 16, 2007

Against my better Judgement

Recently Gwen mentioned on her blog that it was not a good idea to post when you have been drinking. I would usually agree but for some reason I am ignoring that advice right now. I thought it only fair since I spoke of Thursday night to mention what a wonderful time I had on both Friday and Saturday as well.
Friday night I went to a catered apartment party with my wonderful/ fantastic boyfriend and two of our close friends. I think we all had a good time. It was an interesting crowd with delicious food and drink. I truly love the company of all of these people so we were bound to have a good night out.
Saturday night I saw August: Osage County with Jason. You know what... that play is damn amazing. We were both a little confused throughout the first scene but from then on you find yourself fully captivated for three hours. I don't want to ruin it for anybody but if you have the chance, see it. It's a beautiful script that I hope to read in the near future and the acting was amazing. So many other things would be worth mentioning but I won't bother here. After the play we met William at the Ritz for drinks. I didn't drink that much until I realized the bartender was an old AMDA friend and he offered a huge shot which I stupidly took before getting in a cab and deciding to blog. Brilliant. Anyway, it was a wonderful evening and I would still be out if I didn't have such a big day planned tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I'm off to bed.

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GMEyster said...

Yay! Here's to blogging and drinking. I may be doing it over the holidays.