Monday, December 17, 2007

Tis the Season

The season for going out way too much. I had a lovely day yesterday even though the weather was a watery slush mix falling from the sky. I met NYCeCe, A, and Kelly for our annual holiday gathering. We had brunch on the UWS for a couple hours. Screaming kids crawled along the floor under tables of this very nice restaurant. It was gross. If your twelve year old is unable to stay in their chair and off the floor for a meal, don't take them to nice places. Regardless, we enjoyed our visit and then headed back to my apartment for some spiked eggnog and wine. I even put up some lights. That was about it. We had stuff to do so we all said Happy Holidays, er.. whatever and ran off in different directions.
Sunday evening I went to a theater party with A. We watched an odd burlesque show and then danced for a few hours. It was interesting. Fun.. and interesting. I felt like I was in my grandmother's basement the whole time. Drinking Pilsner and watching a burlesque show in your grandmothers basement is the closest you can get to "that cozy holiday feeling". Tonight is the night for Ice Skating. I absolutely love Ice Skating so I've been looking forward to this. Hope I don't break anything!


GMEyster said...

Yes, I cannot stand when people take kids to places where the kids cannot behave themselves completely.

My mom always threatened that we would leave if we misbehaved. It was a big deal to go out then.

Reminds me of when Carol Burnett talks about how she would play 'dress up' with her 3 daughters when they would go out for dinner when the girls were young, and she'd have them in to her 'salon' where they'd prep for the evening, and act like ladies. Love that.

GMEyster said...

How was skating? I live 2 blocks from Bryant Park now, and I am always passing by, seeing skaters fall. It's a little pleasure of mine.

Carly said...

I didn't go :( I got ready and then fell asleep for a couple hours. Ooops. Sucks because I was so excited.

A. said...

We'll just have to go again. When do you leave for the holidays?