Friday, December 14, 2007

Best Winter Solstice Party Ever!

This year my company decided not to have a holiday party, again. So we threw our own last night. It turned out so much better since it was just the four of us and one former co-worker. We didn't have to mingle with the people you spend the entire year trying to avoid.

We decided to go out for Winter Solstice Drinks at Divine Bar East. It would have been perfect but they had a private party taking up the seating area and we didn't want to stand so we walked to some random joint nearby and got a table near the bar. A couple drinks later details get blurry.

We spent the morning trying to put the pieces together about what happened last night. We had delicious Tapas and a cheese platter. Chocolate martinis, french martinis, wine and something orange consistently appeared in our hands. We gave out too much information, or, maybe that was just me. We decided we all love each other. Someone drank from someone else's stiletto. We called my wife NYCeCe and spoke about lip gloss bein popin' among other things. I recall a photo shoot with underwear/ bar wedgies. A lot of us have bite marks today. Man, we can party. Surprisingly enough, we all showed up at work today! I was late and one left early (too much cheese plate) but we all came.

It was a good night and the best Solstice party we could possibly have. Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours!


A. said...

Cheers to midwinter revelry!

GMEyster said...

Fantastic. I had a drinky evening that was work-related as well.


p.s. lovin' the label 'Giant Underpants'...I seem to remember you also used it for Pee-Wee. Aww, I love Pee-Wee....