Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cruise for Prez! Chant with me now...

I wanted to post this yesterday but just didn't find the time. If you didn't hear yet, video of Tom Cruise talking about his wacky adventures in Scientology is posted on Gawker and they say they are not taking it down. Obviously this video traveled through the web fast but it has quickly been forced off of shared video sites like google video and youtube. (Supposedly because of the Church of Scientology copyright infringement notice.)
Personally, I enjoy watching it. He says some craaaazy shiznet. "Have you met an SP? *WILD CACKLE*" "Wow,SP's, we'll just read about those in the history books!"
Man, I wish I could go on vacation too.. but I can't. Because, I know. Tom knows. Don't you Tom?

To be honest I might be overexposed to odd people because I didn't think this video was all that strange. He sounds like a religious politician to me. Let's put him on the ballot.


Jay said...

Nothing Tom Cruise does surprises me or shocks me. I can't believe he didn't beat Dr. Phil to Briney's hospital room.

JasonBSchmidt said...

I used to be afraid of Kirk Cameron. NO MORE. Um. I think he has schizophrenia. I really do think he's a bit special, and unfortunately the Scientologists took advantage of that, wanting to cash in on his celebrity, and have completely brain washed him.

I do not enjoy his movies because I am afraid of him, but do think he is a very fine performer because we can sense the taming of the crazy behind his eyes. I really think that lights up on camera.

Anyhoo, time to drink?

GMEyster said...

Whoa. I wonder what little Katie Holmes thinks about all of this? Only she really knows what goes on behind closed doors, yo.