Thursday, February 14, 2008

Show Some Love Day

Today, in honor of this hallmark holiday, I feel like giving out some blogentines. It makes me feel like I’m participating is society. So, this blogentine is for anyone reading and I also want to give a special note to a few bloggers. Here goes:

New Found Loves:

R.E.H. @ Ramblings of a Madman One of the perfect people for a blogentine because of his Rubicon Heart. R.E.H.'s posts are so honest and open I feel like I know him. Then I remember I don't know his name and only recently realized he lives in another country. Take a gander at his writing if you dare. I warn you, it's addictive.

Jay @ Cynical Bastard Obviously I originally visited this blog because of the title. I mean, come on, it spoke to me. Then Jay took me on a drive to McDonald's and I was hooked. To be honest, I was hooked long before that drive because he is damn funny.

Tink @ Pickled Beef. She is sporktastic. Sporktastic in a really cool and creative sort of way. She shares a lot of hilarious conversations that will make your day and she also hosts Weekly Words Challenge which I always intend to participate in but never do.

FuriousBall: I don't think this guy knows I'm stalking him yet. I frequent this blog because he always posts the best links to random oddities he finds on the web. There is no real lead into what the link is to so it is a great surprise when it ends up being cat nipple pasties or something equally as bizarre.

Returning Loves:

Doodle and Darla finally came back to blog world! I missed you. *single tear* I know you both have new jobs and intend to work during the day but you can't just get me addicted to blogging and then leave me here!

Blooming Loves:

NYCeCe, It's about time you started posting more frequently. You started in July and managed an amazing four posts in 2007. I'm thrilled to see you have already doubled that this year. Your writing always amazes me. So post it more often k? thanks.

And last but not least, YOU. I’m giving this Blogentine to you with a sassy wink and maybe a little blow of a kiss *xx*. See, there it is. Have a lovely day!


furiousBall said...

stalking is just another form of attention, so that's fine.

and it's completely impossible for a pretty girl like you to stalk me. but by all means, continue.

Jay said...
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Jay said...

You're welcome to ride along with me anytime. We'll go anywhere you want to go too! ;-)

GMEyster said...

Love it! Happy Blogintine, Ms. Knight!

R.E.H. said...

Thanks for giving me some attention on this lonely Valentine's Day. My plans for today didn't come through, but you just made up for all of that ;)

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, my Blogentine!

Darla said...

I heart you!