Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WWC- Treasure and Junk

It's Weekly Words Challenge day and I'm shocked as hell that I have remembered to participate twice in a row! WWC is hosted by the kick-ass Tink of Pickled Beef. The words for this week were Treasure and Junk.These are my treasures. All of the items would be considered junk to anyone else but to me they hold a lot of memories of people and places that meant a lot to me throughout my life.

This is my junk box piled in a corner. Everything is mostly unused so I feel like I should do something with it and not throw it out. So that qualifies it as junk and not trash....right?

Treasures and junk all mixed in one. No, I don't wear all this crap at once.

I'm really liking the WWC. It's forcing me to understand my digital camera.
Back to work now.


R.E.H. said...

Another great entry to the WWC. Loved the skeleton in the pin stripe suit... that might actually qualify as Treasure, more than Junk ;)

Jay said...

Love the treasures.

A Guinness poster and a stuffed skeleton could never be considered junk! ;-)

GMEyster said...

Love your rings, girl!

captain corky said...

That junk box is awesome! I have a box or two that come with me everywhere I go.

JasonBSchmidt said...

Very nice post. Jack Skellington is NOT trash.

Darla said...

i luvbe this entry!

Reb said...

Great entries, I love the rings. Very cool treasure box and the bunny in the junk box is really cute.

Tink said...

All this is making me want to do is rifle through your stuff. Really great post girl.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post! I loved the onyx ring... That is a treasure there!


Farmer*swife said...

You actually pulled off that look of multiple rings quite well. The black nail polish really accessorized them!

Happy Tuesday!!

gr said...

yeow, black fingernails!

BBC said...

All my junk is stored in storage units here in case I ever need any of it. I can't stand things touching my skin so I don't do jewelry.

I would go naked if I could, but it's too cold here for that. And then there are those stupid laws.

Jo said...

Those were great, and like Tink, I want to snoop through all your stuff :) I love the ring on your index finger!

Mike said...

Your hand looks like a garage sale!

Matt-Man said...

I am diggin' the black nails. Nice. Cheers Knight!!

The Mountain Cat said...

Knight, How much do you want for that Guinness metal sign??

Knight said...

R.E.H.- I love Jack Skelington but I'm not much into having dolls so he has to go. I used to keep him at work and we would dress him up for the holidays but I think his cross crown for Easter pissed off the cleaning lady.

Jay- That is what is so hard about the junk box. It's stuff that deserves a good home... just not mine.

Gmeyster- Thanks. I almost did a jewelry box shot but I think the hand was making the shot a little more interesting.

Captain Corky- Wait, they go EVERYWHERE you go?

JasonB- No he isn't. Want him? Damn I should have brought HIM to brunch!

Darla- Thanks!

Reb- It's an interesting little box. I usually never show it to anyone and the bunny is actually a little mouse. I have a real bad rodent phobia so sometimes it scares the crap out of me.

Tink- Feel free. I just warn you, proceed with caution.

Single- That is the ring I have been wearing lately. Goes great with the black nails.

Farmer*swife- Ha, I don't usually do that. I'm a one ring kind of girl. By the way, the little tiny statue in the junk box is an Isabell Bloom piece.

GR- My favorite color!

BBC- I don't keep around enough junk to necessitate a storage unit. I don't think I will ever need any of this stuff. I'm with you on the clothing thing but if we didn't have those laws I don't think I would use mass transit ever again.

Jo- Thanks. It's the only one I'm wearing right now.

Mike- Ha, that has always been a goal of mine. Looking like a garage sale.

Matt-Man- It goes well with all the leather I wear.

Mountain Cat- It isn't metal, it's just a regular poster. Actually there are three or four different posters in a pack and I have three packs. If you want them I will send them to you.

The Mountain Cat said...

Knight, How much?

g-man said...

Excellent photos. Love the rings, lots of good contrast there. Well done. Glad you are learning more about your camera.

Knight said...

Free M-Cat. Just tell me where to send them.

Jimmy said...

Hail to the Guinness ad!