Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Year Ago

Today I was thinking about delicious malt drinks and I suddenly remembered my post mentioning Ovaltine. So I started looking for that old post and to my great shock found that it was a year ago tomorrow! How is that for timing? Then as I read over the post I realized how much has changed.

I am no longer addicted to Ovaltine. I just like it.

I actually was diagnosed with GAD after announcing I assumed I had it. I don't want the meds though.

I've recently realized my close friends are very different from the people they were a year ago. As am I. That is good.

I still ramble. A lot. What do you do about that sort of thing? You would think blogging would help but no... now I just ramble about my blog. That has to be annoying.

I did start seeing a voice teacher. I started out going once a week and now I've trickled down to when I feel like it. Singing is my therapy. It's just so damn expensive to get help. I mean, I was paying $320 a month to sing in some guys apartment. Then I saw a psychiatrist for a bit when I couldn't seem to get over the trauma of having seizures. Talking about it made me feel worse. Turns out that was a bad idea. Stick to voice lessons.
It's been a year since my last tattoo. Time for a new one I think. In June it will be a year since my last piercing. Maybe I should wait a month and combine the two. I don't want to get out of hand.

Last night I was looking for any photos I might have from the stupid pageant I was in (Beauty Queen Post) but no luck. Remember when we used to develop pictures? The last picture I had developed was my headshot a few years ago. I think.

Anyway, last year at this time I was blogging about my love of Ovaltine. This time I am going to blog about my new found love of Absinthe. Have you had it? Oh, it's glorious! It's like drinking black jelly beans. Tuesday night was a poker night and it got down to the last two players. Just me and Billy fighting for the cash at 2am. He decided it was time for some Absinthe. I've only had it a few times and every time was with Billy. He seems to be a pro at the whole amazing process. The preparation is just an amusing build up to the surprising taste and delightful high. Yes it's a spirit that doesn't get you down. I didn't see any green fairies yet but when I do I'll let you know. If I could find anyone else that really enjoys that taste I would consider throwing an Absinthe tasting party. Anyone? Anyone?


Brody said...

I used to like Ovaltine a lot. Now, not so much. I do like your ramblings, though. Here's to another year.

R.E.H. said...

I've heard of Absinthe, but I've never tried it. If and when I get to N.Y., feel free to offer me one ;)

I can only imagine what I will feel like when my blog becomes a year old... it will be a lot of fun to read back on old posts, I imagine.

Anonymous said...

You are HOT sis!!!!! I have never had Ovaltine or Absinthe! I think I have grown a lot since my First 50 or so postings.

Changing is a good thing, if it makes us feel better and seem as if it has made us better people!

My blog was meant to destroy men, pretty much call them out! but it changed quick, because I decided I needed to change!

I have met so many good friends and I love ya'll and value ya'll advice, sometimes it is hard to hear the truth but it also helps..

Oh shit I should be saving this for my year Post huh? Looking forward to changing right beside ya chick!

Now I need a shot of love!!!


Jay said...

"What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?" - Oscar Wilde

Anything that made Oscar Wilde sit in a Paris hotel room and drink himself to death must be good stuff.

You know you can rent that room that he died in Paris? Yup, the hotel is still there and the room is available to the public. Probably expensive though.

I've never had Absinthe, but have every intention of trying it. Hopefully more than once.

I would love to hear you sing if you ever want to post a video or audio file. Although, if you do it just for yourself I can understand not wanting to do that.

gr said...

hey, there you are, in black and white, reminding me, if you don't mind my saying it, of Reese Witherspoon

Knight said...

Brody- At one point I was eating ovaltine powder with peanut butter. Now that doesn't sound so good. Thanks for reading my ramblings. I love checking out your blog as well.

R.E.H.- Of course I will offer you one... or two. You need the full experience right? It is very amusing to me to go over some of my old posts. I learn a lot about myself seeing how my mood changes and my thought process in certain posts. It's interesting.

Single- Thanks sis! I figure I owe something since I couldn't come up with my pageant pictures. I was reading some of your older stuff awhile ago to catch up. I can tell you are learning about yourself as you go. I'm almost worried about my interest in other blogger's lives. After all, You, Farmer's Wife, and Myself are basically ready to jump a plane and force R.E.H to feed us waffles.

Jay- I love that quote. I have not had that much absinthe yet but I can see where he is going with it. I did not know about the hotel room. Where is it? It's now on my list of adventures to have... if I had a list. I might post a video file for you. I just hesitate because I know the quality will be crap.

gr- I don't mind. I think Reese is a pretty woman. Thank you very much!

gr said...

Reese is also, in my estimation, very smart and classy, oui?

GMEyster said...

I wanna hear you sing, too, girl!

I had a swallow of absinthe in New Orleans once. "Sugary" is all I remember. I would LOVE to see a green fairy!

Jo said...

You're just gorgeous!

A friend of mine is really into absinthe & I like to tease her that she'll end up like Poe, but the version more common today is different...they took the wiggy-as-all-hell out of it.

I've never tried it, but I do like Sambuca, which tastes like black licorice & makes me all warm you light it on fire first.

Mike said...

Doesn't absinthe make you hallucinate?

Wouldn't that be BAD for playing poker for money?

'Just sayin.

BBC said...

I recall loving Ovaltine when I was young so a few years ago I bought a can of it. After trying it I didn't think it was so great, I still haven't used it up.

I'm not sure what absinthe is, have never tried it, maybe I should.

Eric Shonkwiler said...

I've wanted to try absinthe ever since "The Sun Also Rises," but, though it was legalized in the States, it's not legal in all states. Funny, that.

Farmer*swife said...

Absinthe sounds really enticing. Can you purchase the spirit for it at most liquor stores? Does it break the wallet? Do you HAVE to add the sugar cubes? Not a big fan of sugar or sugar cubes...well, I like fermented sugars as in alcohol...but that's not cubed.

Please sing for us? That would be totally awesome! Then, one day when you are famous I could brag to all my friends Hey! I listened to her in bloggie world! We're bloggie buddies!!!

g-man said...

I have always wanted to try Absinthe. I have had Ovaltine (I was the only one in my family that liked it).

I guess having pictures "printed" on the paper is a whole different ball of wax to having them developed. Excellent head shot.

Freakazojd said...

Holy shit, lady, you're gorgeous!
I'd love to hear you sing, too. Pretty please? :)