Friday, May 16, 2008

A few things on my mind.

*I need to go to the gym tonight. Why can't the gym be conveniently located in my building? I hate having to change clothes just for the trip to and from a place only eight blocks away.

*I only have one tanning session left. I bought four in the hopes that I would get a little bit of color to start me off and then the sun would be out on weekends. Then I wouldn't have to worry so much about burning when I go to the Bahamas. Three sessions in I've noticed it hasn't helped much and still the sun refuses to make a worthwhile appearance on the weekends.

* I'm going to the Bahamas in three weeks! I hope it doesn't rain the whole time. I'm such an optimist aren't I? Mmmm, beach, island fun, and Casey. I can't wait.

* In a little over a week I'm meeting Casey's entire family for the first time. I'm scared and excited. I'm cool right? They'll like me. Won't they? In all honesty I'm mostly excited. For any newer readers that haven't figured it out yet, I'm dating Casey. Casey is a he not a she.

* That Rock Band post went over surprisingly well. I figured I have a lot more people defending it. I still maintain that it is evil. Is "still maintain" redundant? I think it is.

* Two people quit today at work. I'm jealous.

*I need to buy a bathing suite for previously mentioned Bahamas trip. This has proven to be an obnoxious venture. First of all, you need to try bathing suites on to make sure you don't look odd. I don't want to try them on because I don't know who put it on before me and if they read the little sticker in the crotch that reminds you to keep your underwear on for sanitary purposes. Also, it's kind of a smack to your ego when you realize, hmm, that didn't look like that last year. Or did it?

*I sent out my birthday e-vite yesterday. It will be the usual day of drinking and prancing about the park or prancing about a bar if it rains.

This is the picture I used on the invitation. I call this "Body Surfing."

Want to come?


Doc said...

I would LOVE to come... too bad I can't

Have fun in the Bahamas...

(and I bet you look great with your tan in a bathing suit... but I digress)

Anonymous said...

- Casey's family will like you unless you ask for pubic hair for the voodoo dolls.

- Ahhh spring when women bitch about bathing suits. Just go topless or nude. And I've seen that sticker right in the crotch that says, "put your privates in your undies so you don't give your cooties to the other nice girls."

- I didn't get my birthday e-vite and I know you told me I HAD to come to your party.


Jay said...

If I could, I would definitely love to be there for your birthday. It would be a blast.

I would also love to live in a building that had a fitness center in it. We have a small one in my apartment complex, but there are only two treadmills and one stationary bike in there. Every time I've tried to use it, there have either been two chicks in there watching a soap opera on the big screen or two or three older people in there watching Fox News. Who wants to watch that while working out?

Anyway, it you want you can take pic of yourself in several different bikinis and model them here for us to vote on our favorites. I'm pretty sure I'll love them all, but need to see them just be sure. LOL ;-)

Jay said...

Oh yeah ... Casey's family is going to LOVE YOU!!

Dianne said...

Of course Casey's family will love you!!

and stop stressing about the suit, wear what feels good, I'm sure it looks good.

love that photo! if you look real fast it looks like you're topless. or am I just going blind(er).

is your party in NY?

Knight said...

Doc- Damn! I was expecting you. Now I'll just pout the whole time.

Edge- I never said Pubic! If that's what people give me I can't help it.
I would go topless or nude but I think that would bother Casey. I'm not really worried about the bathing suite. It just sucks to shop.
You DO have to come! I'm using the voodoo doll to make you.

Knight said...

Jay- You would be an awesome addition to the party. You sure you don't want to visit New York for the weekend?
Sometimes I see people running and watching the news. That is so depressing! I don't get how they can focus on anything.
If I started posting bikini pictures of myself here I'm sure the traffic would start getting really odd... and creepy. I would get more BabyGurl commenters. Eww.
I think the family will like me okay. If they don't I'm sure they won't tell me so I won't ever know.

Knight said...

Dianne- I'm not really stressing about how it looks as much as I am about the shopping effort I have to put in. I'm not a big fan of shopping.
Ha, I never realized but it does look like I'm topless. The friend I'm on would have been really upset with me if that were the case. Ha ha ha.. that cracks me up.
Yes,the party is in NY. If it's nice I'm having it in Sheep's Meadow in Central Park and if it rains I'll be going to some bar later in the evening.

Anonymous said...

email me that head shot and/or a pic of you at the nude beach.


Tall Lanky Jew said...

In a full-on attempt to ruin everyones day, there shall be no emailing or posting of 'nude Knight'. Sorry fellas (and ladies). Some things I just refuse to share!!!
And now...Back to Rock Band!

Mike said...

Pile on!

200 lb Canadian SPLASH!

gr said...

you're saying, Knight, that there would be MORE odd and creepy traffic than there is already?

Anonymous said...

His parents will adore you!!! I don't even know you in real life, but hey I adore you sissy!!!!

You will look Hot in your suit.. I feel the same way when I put on my Suit to play volleyball! But hey even if I look bad, the guys that see me say I look good!! haha!!!

Have a great time in the Bahamas I am so freaking jealous!! Great pic I wish I was there for your B-day party!!!!

I will drink for you on your birthday... Deal?

GMEyster said...

Love the pic. Body surfing. Ha.

captain corky said...

Too bad I'm not in town this weekend. It would have been real cool to meet and drink with you at your birthday party.

Jo said...

I love the body surfing photo! Oh I wish I could come to your party!

Bahama-Mama, yay for you! You're going to have so much fun...if you're not tan by then just do the gradual SPF thing--I went to Hawaii when I was the color of mashed potatoes & I still got sun through SPF-30 but no burning.

Casey's fam will adore you!

I feel the same way about trying on bikinis, still I always do b/c often the one I think will look so cute looks so very wrong.

Farmer*swife said...

Happy B-day!! My lil'one just turned five (going on 15).

How wonderful! The meet the parents!!! You will totally impress them.

Have a great trip!!! (No worries about the suit...but, I too hate shopping for the darn things)

minijonb said...

hell yeah. i'm always up for body surfing.

Matt-Man said...

Screw the swimsuit. Just go Nekkid. Cheers Knight!!

Tink said...

I swear by Victoria Secret swimsuits. All you have to do is buy whatever size bra and panties you wear. Voila!

Knight said...

Edge- Ha, right. That's your audition process?

TLJ- To the best of my knowledge there aren't any nude photos of me. Are there TLJ? *sigh* more Rock Band.

Mike- I think you just killed me.

GR- Yeah, I guess I spoke too soon. The mention of a bathing suite and everyone goes crazy.

Cinder-Single/Sis- I adore you too! Have a drink with me on the 1st or 2nd. I'll be celebrating the whole time!

GMEyster- Obviously we were having a good time on that outing. When we looked through the pictures it was hilarious!

Captain Corky- He it's not until June 1st. You could still come.

Jo- My friend in the photo looks like she is having a good time, right? That is real fear in her eyes. Trust me, I'll have that spf on every half hour. You are right about the bikini that looks cute looking dorky when you get it on. The popular thing now is ties. Ties everywhere. It looks like crap when you get it on.

Farmer*swife- How did the amazing party go? I love that for your five going on fifteen year old you had manicures and pedicures. That is too fitting!

Minijonb- And it's safer on land! For the surfer anyway.

Matt-Man- Why don't we all just do that all the time anyway? I'm sick of buying clothes.

Tink- I just found out two locations in the city are selling the suites in store so I'm going to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

Darla said...

Turns out I'm going to puerto rico. When do you go to the bahamas? (you can tell me over email) Maybe we will be away at the same time! I don't know why that is exciting! But it is! Exclamation point!