Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Analyze This

When I turned seventeen my grandmother had me write a one page letter of nonsense with my signature and then submitted it to a certified handwriting analyst. Actually it was more like a half a page of nonsense and a half a page of my signature. The specialist responded with a three page analysis (typed). I remember my grandmother read it before me and highlighted the parts she thought were important.

"Roadblocks will be overcome by you but you pay a price for your determination. Also, be careful of overextending yourself. With your highly independent spirit you will do your own thing in spite of advice which could be contrary to your plans. In a few words, you are deep, sure-footed, determined, secretive, poised and disciplined, emotionally drawn inward. You seek peace and isolation and at the same time seek distinction and recognition."

Sounds like an excessive horoscope right?

Secretive is an odd word that jumped out at me. It sounds like an insult but it's true. I am still fairly secretive and emotionally drawn inward. I was just reading through tons of little papers and napkins that I wrote thoughts on. Stuff I would never share here. I would never share them with anyone. I'll share just enough to get your attention.

Those are the parts grandma found interesting. I, however, found out a whole lot more. Mind you, I'm sharing because this was the me at seventeen. Not the me now. Well, kind of the me now.

Here are tidbits:
(This was the first line.) Looking at your writing I see a person who is very intense and deep. Not too many people can understand your intensity of feelings. All of your senses are heightened. You have rich appetites in all the ways of the senses. Is it true? I don't know.

Your sense of loyalty is very strong as well, making you very caring and deep. A betrayal or hurt of any kind stays with you a long time. Unfortunately I know this is true.

Your strength can be a great attraction but it can also intimidate people. I like to think I've worked on this one.

Do you have a good singing voice? It looks to me like the writing of a very musical person. With your love of richness you could create much beauty in your lifetime. Wow. Thanks guy. I would like to believe that. I guess the keyword is COULD.

You will always carry pieces of the past with you. Souvenirs and reminders of your childhood will always be with you. Wow, I posted a picture of my treasures for the treasures WWC.

Then he wrote some other crap. Interesting isn't it? Don't you want your handwriting analyzed now? That process amazes me quite a bit. Obviously you could look at anybodies handwriting and make a few snap judgments that would be fairly accurate. If it's tiny and a mess they are probably shy or withdrawn and untidy. If they write hearts to dot their eyes they are probably a teen girl. Or wish they were a teen girl. I was surprised he came up with three typed pages of response. I wonder how much he was paid. I have a small handwriting analysis book. Anyone want to submit a sample to me?

Yeah I didn't think you would.


Dianne said...

I'll send you a sample! The problem would be that you already have conclusions about me. It's probably best done by a total stranger.

the biggest thing I learned from this is the 'secretive' part. I wouldn't have thought that.

as for the 'could' - well kiddo - I say 'will'

Anonymous said...

I love that you are writing more about Yourself! Also I can tell in your blogs that you give us a lil something and then the rest is left to our imagination!!! I love that about you! there has to be a lil anon in this blog world!!

OHHHHHHHH and thanks so much for stopping by I am still excited!!!


Jay said...

Very fascinating. I think a lot of what you were told comes though in your writing on this blog too.

I would be willing to send you a handwriting example too. I would even promise that it wouldn't be too offensive and probably wouldn't result in you taking out a restraining order against me. ;-)

Seriously though I think of handwriting analysis about the same way I do palm readers. It would almost as scary as it is interesting.

GMEyster said...

I'd send you a sample. Sure!

Michael Knight Rambo said...

I found myself reading the analysis and nodding my head in agreement (that IS like me!) And I didn't even have to pay or submit.
That being said, I'd love to submit some of my gorgeous random printing.
I'd also love to see the FBI/CIA analysis.

Mike said...

This writing thing sounds like a load of poo poo to me.

gary rith said...

Whoo hoo, Jay cracks me up!

Matt-Man said...

I love that kind of stuff. However, my Whore-O-Scopes are much more succinct. Such a verbose analyst. Cheers Knight!!

Fortune Cookies said...

handwriting analysis is so intriguing to me. I've always found them to be spot on where as horoscopes are so broad and vague, they could really apply to anyone.
Thanks for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

I had my palm read once in the most interesting of ways. I think I will write about it.


catscratch said...

I'd be afraid of what they'd come up with looking at my chicken scratch.

catscratch said...

Oh yah... The reason I stopped over...

Rumor has it that you are QUEEN OF THE MEME!

Good job!

cat said...

I have always found this stuff interesting.

I have sumitted my hand writing before, it was long ago and I can't remember all the results, but this brought alot of it back to me.

I also love books on dreams, I'm always looking up what they mean.

minijonb said...

i can't even read my own handwriting: it looks like hieroglyphics.

LL said...

I dunno... seems fairly general, but hey... only you can know whether it was accurate or whether you have to make it fit.

Reb said...

I get the feeling from what glimpses you have given us, that it was probably pretty close. As you point out it was a few years ago and with growth comes change, but some core traits never change.

I too say not could, but will!

gary rith said...

Knight! Where'd your comments go up there???

Knight said...

Huh? What do you mean Gary?

Darla said...

analyze my typing? no? meh.