Monday, October 20, 2008

Six Degrees of Flashing Bacon

I know, I've been hiding. I have too much to do. Work is crazy. Life is busy. No time to blog. I'll just give you an update.

I got a really great package in the mail from Gary and I made a vlog but it is horrible. I will have to redo the whole thing and post pictures of the very cool vase he made for me. Check out his site.

I also got two other exciting packages. One was my bi-annual wine club shipment of 6 delicious bottles. I wish I could try them all at once. The other was a surprise gift from my mother. She sent me new black sheets monogrammed! I love my initials. I would put them on everything if I could. I already have them permanently inked into my ankle. She also sent a very cool picnic tote that I can hide beer and wine in to keep it cool while illegally drinking in Central Park. Thanks Mom!

Celeb Encounters:
Friday night on my way home from CVS I had an odd encounter. I was wearing a tube top that was kind of falling off. About half of my bra was showing and I was standing in public. As I adjusted I noticed a man eying me. He looked familiar. Turns out it was Kevin Bacon. My six degrees of separation? Kevin knows my bra. Nice.

Last night I was hanging out with some lovely ladies in Park Slope. One of them was talking about being in love with Adam Sandberg of SNL. She had been on the Subway with him earlier that day and decided he was just as gorgeous in person. After telling the story we notice a man standing behind us. Is that? Why yes it is! It is the PC guy from the Mac commercials. Interesting.

The woman who sits only feet away from me is finally out on maternity leave. She was huge and I was terrified her water would break in the office. That would freak me out. A lot. I have never seen our carpets cleaned. I mean.... Yikes.

My cousin's wife just gave birth to their second child last week. They named the girl Bella Buell. I'm not so sure the name was the best idea but that lucky kid is going to be spoiled beyond imagination by my aunt.

On the other side of the family I have a pregnant cousin that just announced they will name their baby Milley (Me Lee). I guess it's Irish? Picking names must be very difficult.

The Week Ahead:
I had rehearsal yesterday and more of that tonight after work. For some reason the rest of the week is a blur. I can't remember if I have plans. If I have made plans with you this week please remind me. Thanks.

Later Bitches.


Dana said...

... packages ... *blushes*

I swear it is going out tomorrow!

Don't forget to take care of yourself amongst all of the "stuff"!

Tall Lanky Jew said...

I think I have plans with you tomorrow (Tues) eve. Pencil my lanky Jew ass in. :* xoxxxxxx

PS- Say hi to your mother for me. (ala Mark Wahlberg)

Jay said...

So Kevin Bacon was leering at you on the street? How creepy .. uh I mean, how cool. ;-)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

BLACK SHEETS Casey, go check 'em out!!!!

Knight said...

Dana- Ha, Don't worry about it. My doorman is already annoyed with all the packages.

TLJ- Consider yourself penciled. Ala Mark Wahlberg? Huh?

Jay- In that situation you can't help but leer. I would have been doing the same.

Gary- He was there when I got them ;)

Tall Lanky Jew said...

GMEyster said...

Did you see Walhberg on this past week? Giving Sandberg shit. And saying hi to everyone's mother.

Busy girl, Knight. Love the monogrammed sheets. Your mom is a pip!

Farmer*swife said...

Well, I'd send ya' somethin too but I don't know your address...

You are so awesomely sweet! I was worried you being away so long. But, then you have a great life in your 20s and you live in New York!!!! [I'm clueless and afraid of NY....Dang ol'country Gal.]

Glad for the vase, the sheets, and all the awesome!

Oh, and yes. You had plans with me. To do the vlog so we can see? Oh, and you also agreed to have Casey film some of your fab show so we can all hoot, holler, rave and enjoy!!!

:-D You are glamorous Gal!!!

Michael Knight Rambo said...

I once woke up late at night to (my horror) find a man standing at the foot of my bed.
It was Kevin Bacon.
And he also was staring at my chest!

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! Well sis you are a celeb already and getting ready to really be one with that voice of yours!

I have never heard it but I know it is awesome!! be good and have a great week.. I have been checking back and forth here to see if you are around.. glad you updated us!

Later back atcha!

Matt-Man said...

Did the wine shipment contain a bottle of Wild Irish Rose? If it did, I am very envious. Cheers Knight!!

Cristen said...
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Tink said...

Kevin Bacon has always creeped me out. *Shudder* See? Just thinking about him creeps me out. Now the PC guy is another story. He's cool. I'd probably hug him on the street or something.

Mike said...

I got a package too. It just hangs there, getting in the way most of the time.

It's only useful infrequently.

Oh well, I still like it.

Darla said...

Mmmmm bacon. You rehearsin' with Jess?

We were supposed to go streaking this Wednesday. I am SO INSULTED that you forgot.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Gary mailed mine out today. Gah, I'm so excited to see yours now! A vase? Vlog again...or hell, show us the bad one. It's just US!

As for the water breaking...EW!

Anonymous said...

Water gushing over the floor is a myth. But still, she must've been uncomfortable working so close to her due date. I preferred to hang out at home.
Baby names aren't that tough if you use family names. It's creativity that's tough! At least, that's my take on it.
I saw Huey Lewis on the airport subway in July. As far as I know, I wasn't exposing anything...

Reb said...

Aw, you take care of your girls and wear a bra under you boob tube - good for you! I'm sure Bacon was a bit disappointed not to mention all the other guys that were around.

Can't wait to see the vlog & the vase.

tt said...

When you decide to come up for a breath of fresh air....take some,vase,shets...KEVIN!! know...a wee glimpse into your world...the bra that KEVIN know...the important stuff!
Is the vlog ready yet???

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's awesome - now I can tell people that I know a gal who got ogled by Kevin Bacon whilst, and at the same time as, adjusting her bra/tube top. NICE! ;)
Your mom, is stellar. I can't believe the sweet stuff she sent you!