Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I know I'm a bit early but I probably won't be back in time.

My resolutions for 2009 (to be promptly forgotten by 1:05 am) are the following:

1) Find work in life that makes me happy.

2) Stop having seizures...somehow.

3) Replace the lack of drinking with even more sex. (Casey, this is your job. Oh, and apologies to any of Casey's family members that read this and may be traumatized.)

4) Meet a blogger. Anyone want to help me out with this one?

5) Continue having a wonderful life full of great family, friends, and bloggers that brighten it up.



Farmer*swife said...

You ARE adorable!!! I love that photo! I could make it poster to hang on my wall! (I remember the day's when Farah Facet was on everyone's walls and I so adored her -- you are way prettier though!!!)

I love your resolutions! Though, there's one there you probably don't want to forget after 1:05 a.m. ;-)

Happy New Year! And, may it please be seizure free....

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

::::blush:::: not in your family or Casey's but.....

Knight said...

Farmer*swife- Prettier than Farah Facet? You have lost your mind! Thanks for saying it anyway ;)
You are right, maybe I shouldn't forget about a few of those.

Gary- Ha. I have some odd constant desire to disturb people. I had no idea it would work on you. It's because my picture is up there, isn't it? I wondered if that would limit the things I could say and get away with.

Tall Lanky Jew said...

SSHHHHH!!! My family still thinks I am a card carrying member of the V-Club!!!!

But...YES!!! I gladly accept the desired task stated!! OOO!! Kinda like a 2nd job, just better benefits. SWEET!!!

kcinnova said...

Gotta replace the drinking with SOMETHING, might as well be something good, right? ;)

We're trying to plan a trip to NYC over Spring Break. I'll let you know if it works out. I'd like to think I'm actually helping a resolution become reality. :)
On the other hand, I agree with FW, you *are* prettier than FF and maybe I don't want my husband looking at you...

Dianne said...

Oh sweetie - that photo header is gorgeous!!

I'll meet ya in 2009 - even if I'm limping and sporting a cane lol
I find a bronze cane that matches my raincoat and looks fab with my hair

love ya!! now go have sex

furiousBall said...

i've been mentioning to my girlfriend Abbe that we need to head up to see one of your shows. so we can help you with #4

fiwa said...

Ok, I normally don't make resolutions - but those aren't so bad. ;0) I highly recommend meeting a fellow blogger, I was lucky enough to meet two this year. One turned out to live less than a mile from me - and we met out of coincidence on my blog. What are the odds?! I would help you with that one if I could, but don't think I'm going to be in NY anytime soon.

All the best to you in 2009 -

Knot said...

Hopefully 3 and 4 never collide.


Jay said...

Man is Casey so damn lucky! haha

Happy New Year Knight!

I hope 2009 is the greatest year for you EVER!

Dana said...

Damn! I love that photo - so much so that I almost forgot to read the post!

I can help you out with #4 if you are making a trip to visit family in Chicago this year!

Baba Hot said...

er, cough cough, oh my gosh, are you kidding, holy moly, you say that my precious little baby is not a v??? I'm devastated!!! Keep up the good work, Knight. Maybe it will become the 'new job' that you like??? TLJ- start saving your pennies.

Michael Knight Rambo said...

I know I already wished you one, but Happy New Year again!!! (Blowing on one of those annoying noisy things and spinning one of those other noisy annoying things and drunkenly knocking something over and spilling my drink while I'm at it.)

Fu Manchu Dad said...

Really top-notch photo!! Glad to hear you had a good Christmas, hope you get all you want or need in the New Year. Cheers to you and yours!

Reb said...

Knight FF has nothing on you kid! Fingers crossed for #1, will actually pray for #2 for you, #'s 3 - 5, you should have no problem with.

Have a very wonderful New Year Knight!

GMEyster said...

But we've already met!

And yes, I hope the seizures stop, too.

Happy New Year!

Micky-T said...

All the best for the new year.

most important...... work that makes you happy.

Why not be a star, doesn't everybody want to?

Mike said...

My house is open for #4, but if you're serious with #3 you have to do that at a hotel.

My washing machine is 20 years old and couldn't handle all the wet sheets.

Knight said...

TLJ- That would be so sad if that were true. We talked about what a nightmare it would be to work together but I think this way is okay.

Kcinnova- Oh that would be an exciting trip for the whole family! Thanks for the compliment. I'll be putting you on the crazy list with FW.

Dianne- Ha! I have never thought about the benefits of matching your cane to your hair. I really hope you heal soon!

Baba Hot- Sorry I had to break that to you. I know it's shocking. Are you implying Casey should start paying me? That isn't a bad idea.

MKR- Happy New Year to you. Put down the noise maker before you spill your whole drink.

FMD- Thanks. Happy New Years to you and yours.

Reb- Thanks so much! I hope you have a wonderful 2009.

GMEyster- I realized after I posted that a lot of my real friends are bloggers but see, you can't count because I knew you before the blogging began. Which reminds me, Brunch soon?

Micky-T- I think being a star is possibly not all that enjoyable. I could be wrong though. Happy New Year!

Mike- So what do you do when you are in that situation? Oh, you just don't clean them do you? Why did I ask?

Karen said...

I want to meet more bloggers! We should a NYC blogger meet up thingy. You, me, Vin the Mt. Cat - we can think of others!

I like this idea.

moooooog35 said...

I've replaced the lack of sex with more drinking.

I like your way better.

jezdez said...

WOW! Your photograph is super! I agree with FW, you SHOULD make it into a poster! Good luck with the Resolutions. I usually don't make any, cuz I don't keep them, but this year I did. Happy New Year to you!

jezdez said...

WOW! Your photograph is super! I agree with FW, you SHOULD make it into a poster! Good luck with the Resolutions. I usually don't make any, cuz I don't keep them, but this year I did. Happy New Year to you!

LL said...

Have a great one Knight!

VE said...

That poor Casey...what's he gonna do! ha ha

I have never met a blogger in person either. I scare everyone though!

kcinnova said...

I'm thinking you can help me out to make #4 happen: We're coming your way in early April (week before Easter) for a few days/nights. Can you give me hints on where it is safe to stay in the city? Coast Guard doesn't have room for us on Staten Island (bummer, because the price was right) so they tried to send us down the Elizabeth, NJ, which means a lot of driving. Got ideas? Please message me/e-mail me! Thanks!

BBC said...

Meet a blogger. Anyone want to help me out with this one?

I can't help you, you live too far away. But I have met a few of my blogging friends.

I'm not expecting much out of 2009, just hoping to keep getting by. I went camping over christmas and new years, I like the peace out there.

Yeah, more sex, go for it.

Matt-Man said...

Happy Belated New Year to you Knight. Good Luck with everything. Cheers!!

GMEyster said...

Yes, brunch soon. Let me know when!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm *LOVING* the new pics!!!! She's seriously talented...but of course, she had a fantastic subject!