Monday, August 23, 2010

I might regret sharing this.

I wasn't going to share this with you because I'm not overly proud of it but then Dana went and talked about being all honest and stuff so .... here it goes.

Last month I was singing for my mom's birthday. It was something like three to four hours long. In that time someone (my mother) happened to catch a little footage. Because I always talk about singing and crap I figure I'm obligated to share this with all of you.

The song is Peel Me A Grape. I couldn't remember all the words so when it looks like my eyes are closed I was actually trying to read my sheet music set up next to me. If I sang with my eyes closed all the time I would probably fall over. I still fall over but it's usually because I had one drink too many. Anyway, it was a fun party. I was glad I had the chance to sing for my grandparents again. It had only been about a decade or so.

I hope it wasn't too painful for you and if it was... Bite Me.

Thanks for listening!


Jay said...

That is really, REALLY awesome. I could listen to you all day and all night. In fact, MORE! MORE! videos!

Thanks for sharing your singing with us. ;-)

Micky-T said...

Wow Knight, that's a lot of class for this old bloggerhood.
I think you are one classy, beautiful and talented young woman.
It was painful though. In a very good way, for an old man like me.

Sky said...

um...I have this grape, ya see...and I peeled it. for you.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

French me a fry! There is a line! You sound great :)

Anonymous said...

You look and sound terrific!
I'd be thrilled to be in the audience. :)

Dianne said...

I might bite you anyway - cause you're so freakin' awesome
so gorgeous
and you have an amazing voice
the type of voice I love - strong, deep, a bit husky in the right places

why aren't you on Broadway?

I'm so happy for you that you got to sing for your family - I'm certain they were so thrilled and so proud

More please

Mike said...

We need a full real song posted. You would definitely make it to round two of American Idol.

LL said...

Meh... :P

Soundin' great Miss Knight...

Gretta said...

Thanks you for the best birthday gift ever. I love you. Yes, I'm the mom, but You were awesome.

Dana said...

I finally got back here to listen and to comment and I get 54 seconds?? Only 54 FREAKING SECONDS?? I put off listening so that I could fully enjoy the entire song and I get 54 SECONDS??

Can you tell I'm disappointed?? Not in your performance but in the 54 SECONDS???

Good to see you back. Stay around this time, please?? We miss you and we all enjoy your talent!