Thursday, August 5, 2010


BY ELVES! Well okay, maybe I was attacked by myself. Yesterday I was using the tiny knife on the wine opener to cut some cardboard and I stabbed it right into my hand. Turns out even with my bad circulation I have lots of blood flowing between my thumb and pointer finger. That little thing gushed all the way across the room and even hit the mirror hung six feet in the air. The cut really wasn't all that bad but the amount of blood scared the hell out of me. In my panic I started calling people in an effort to be told what to do. I was holding a towel like it was the only thing keeping me from falling off a building and trying to make phone calls with the other hand. Of course nobody picked up the phone. It was the middle of the day and apparently everyone I know has a life. Luckily Casey is the person who called me back. Being that he is an ER nurse he is the only person whose opinion I really trusted anyway. He came over while I cleaning up the blood and, disappointed that he missed the scene, bandaged up my hand. It really wasn't all that bad so he was probably annoyed he made the trip but it was still nice to have the reassurance you don't need stitches. Thanks for being there Case.

Have you ever tried washing your hair with one arm? It's surprisingly difficult.


Micky-T said...

I've never cut my hand...ha ha ha ha.

Glad your nurse helped you out.

I would have told you wash it...yes it will hurt.

Take a clean cloth and put a lot of pressure on it...yes it will hurt, but it will stop in a minute.

After a couple of minutes clean it with peroxide or alcohol and bandage and or duct tape. ha ha
You might look good in duct tape.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

KNIGHT IS BACK! Feel better, OK? Gosh, life sure is HAZARDOUS!

Dianne said...

I once stabbed myself in the eye with a liner pencil and the pencil stayed in !!
no blood but a pencil sticking out of your eye can be a bit creepy

glad you're OK

I love you as much today as I did when you blogged every day
hugs sweet girl

Jay said...

Yikes! Let's be careful out there people!

I would have answered if you had called me.

Way to be there Casey. Good job dude.

Hope it's better today.

Matt-Man said...

I tried washing my hair with one arm before, but that was years ago when I had hair. Cheers Knight!!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Ugh! That's gonna' suck! It seems those type of wounds take for-evah to heal too...

Glad you still have your medic on call! ;-) Hero to the rescue!

Oh, and maybe you should invest in a box cutter or a really heavy duty pair of scissors. :-P

LL said...

Who are you and why are you commenting on my blog? :P

Oh right... you're that one gal that used to blog all the time... :ewink:

Glad to see you back at it darlin', not glad to see you cut and bloody, but at least now when you try out for that new vampire based singing gig you'll have a leg up on the competition.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! My sister cut her hand on a broken glass doing the dishes in the sink and she nearly passed out from blood loss. The hands have lots of little places to lose blood. Hope it heals well.

Casey said...

MMMM. Bloody cheese. There really was much more blood than expected from such a little cut. And NO!!! No box cutters for Knight! NO!! I may not be the bf but dammit I have a say in this. NO!!! ;)

Knight said...

Micky-T - Good work. That is exactly what my nurse did!

Gary- I'm a hazard but all is well now.

Dianne- Holy crap that is a scary story. I was just wondering what the eye patch in my first aid kit was for. Makeup is so dangerous! Hugs back at ya.

Jay- Thanks Babe! Next time I'm covered in my own blood making phone calls I will remember you!

Matt-Man- Now you just grease your head right?

Farmer's Wife- The sad part is that I had a decent pair of scissors within a foot of me at the time. I was just being stupid.

LL- How on earth did you know I was starting a vampire singing gig? Don't tell anyone cause it's legit and I don't want the cops showing up.

Knot- Thanks. I hope your sister healed okay. I'm always afraid I'll break a wine glass and cut myself. I bit through one once and watched the white wine fill with blood from my lip.

Casey- All my life people have told me I can't have a box cutter but usually it was for the safety of others.

GMEyster said...

Eek! I HATE cutting myself. Glad you're ok, and had proper help. Youch.