Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sending The Message

My lover Sky is an awesome guy. We rule countries together (at Medieval Times in New Jersey) as you can see in the photo above. Don't we look evil? We are. Anyway, I love Sky very much. We have been together for something like a year and change, I think. During this time we have both been unemployed off and on, seriously broke, sick, happy, performing, amazing. He has also been pretty much homeless for a few months in there. It became convenient for him to slowly move his shit into my apartment. Then it was convenient that he was staying there every night. Sooner or later I realized, WTF? You are living with me! I don't remember agreeing to that.
Now you see, I have crazy expensive rent because I live in an awesome neighborhood. It's also the smallest studio apartment you could ever imagine. I posted a video tour of it once. I barely have room for me and my stuff let alone a whole other person. So I never let Sky move his stuff out of his brother's place and storage into my place. Therefore, he doesn't pay any rent. This whole arrangement was fine with me because we both have been having a hard time.
The situation has changed.
Sky's wonderful lovely brother has an apartment in Queens which is about 45 minutes on the subway from me. He has a nice two bedroom with a kitchen and living room. It sounds like a palace! The old roommate ran home to Texas so Sky moved all his stuff in and finally has a real home. I'm thrilled for him. So why isn't he staying there? GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT SKY! I want my own damn space back! I want to put everything back where it belongs. I want to be there watching what I want on TV and listening to my music. I want it to look the same as it did when I left when I come home. I miss living alone! I'm begging you. Go away. Not all the time. Not forever. Just rewind this whole thing about a year and we will be back on track. I'm telling you, I will love you more if you GET OUT.


Reb said...

Oh, Dear! I hear you on wanting your own space, especially as I remember the video of how small a space you have! Hopefully he will get the message and relax back into being a separate entity ;)

kcinnova said...

I hear you loud and clear on the need for space -- your own, just the way you want it. The trick is to help him to see that is all you are asking for... Maybe you can enlist his brother to help you get the message through?

kcinnova said...

I just went back to view your apt. vlogs. (Don't know how I missed them before) Good gravy, you can barely turn around in there!
Sky, she loves you but you are suffocating her. Please go live at your new crib. There just isn't room for both of you to live in her closet.

Jay said...

I would move across the hall from you and set up a webcam that looks through the peephole and monitors your apt.

Or have I already???? ;-)

Mike said...

Time to convert the bathroom into something else. You can pee at work.

GMEyster said...

I think it was Joy Behar who once said (about questions of why she never married her boyfriend of 20-some odd years) "I want a man in my life, not in my house."

Having your own space, whatever that means to each of us, is crucial.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

there is always poison, eh Snake Lady? ;)

Knight said...

Reb- I don't think he'll ever get it. I can dream though.

kcinnova- He is sort of special in that I can tell him exactly what I want over and over again but he will only hear the parts he wants to. Or he will understand but not do anything. Hell, he probably saw this post already but only retained that I need a day off. I'm going to forward him your message!

Jay- If you are living across the hall and stalking me just come over for a beer already. Sheesh.

Mike- Yeah my bathroom was a big gaping hole last week. I finally got it back. He can live in the hall.

GMEyster- That is brilliant. I'm keeping it.

Gary- Can I borrow your evil sock monkey to help with the poisoning?

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I remember those days when you could retreat back to your own space and do your own thing. Ahhhh.... Those were nice days. ;-)

Sharing a larger space with a husband and two children has its perks too though. So, I guess it's 6 to one, a dozen to the other.

And, I totally remember that video tour. Every time you mention something about your apartment I recall the tour and your love for black. ;-)

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