Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It’s my Blogiversary!

Four magical years ago on 2/16/07 I appeared in blog land and proceeded to share my torturous ways with each of you. Looking back now I realize I’ve maintained a pretty solid level of sarcasm, depression, and obnoxiousness. Even on day one I started with over sharing my entire life story. Oh, and I briefly pretended this would be a blog about jazz artists. That was so damn boring I went unconscious writing it. Instead, I have made it my personal therapy lounge and memory keeper.

This is me when I started blogging.

This is me now.

So what happened to me in such a short span of time?

Well, I started the blog 23 and newly single. I was working in the advertising field and was generally doing well. Exactly one month later I was posting about my first seizure. Will it be a seizure blog?

One year later I was seriously obsessed with blogging. I was back with my ex and we had a trip planned to the Bahamas. I still worked in the evil empire of advertising. The epilepsy is still the only health issue and life was pretty good.

Two years later TO THE DAY my boyfriend was having major surgery on his back. It was scary and I was in a bad place mentally. You can tell by my posts. A short time later we broke up. Yes, I understand that makes me a horrible human being but I promise it had nothing to do with his back. Within a week I was laid off from my job. Nice one, KARMA! I kind of went into hiding and wasn’t heard from much in 2009.

Three years later I’m starting to notice the trend that I always get very depressed in February. I had a lovely new boyfriend. I was unemployed. I was doing a lot of drinking by myself. I know at some point in the year I was working at a theater with my boyfriend and doing a lot of creative stuff but I can’t find any proof I wrote about it. I’m starting to wonder if any of that really happened….or am I losing my mind?

TODAY- Four years have gone by. I’m doing a long term temp gig and generally like the atmosphere. My boyfriend is on tour doing children’s theater and I won’t see him for four months. (Seriously, no sex for four months. What did I do to deserve this cruel punishment from the universe?) I still have epilepsy but it took this long to finally come to terms with it and I’m lucky that I had my blog as an outlet. I met several people that were willing to talk with me about their own personal battles and it helped a lot. I feel like I lost touch with many close friends over that time. I made new friends. It doesn’t make up for it. I kinda became a bit of a nudist. Just seeing if you are still paying attention. I sang a lot. A whole lot. But never enough.

Now I wish I had something to aim for next year. I need something to keep me going. But what?

Sheesh, I’m depressing. Happy Anniversary to my blog and to all of you that hang out around here on occasion.


Jay Simser said...

Happy Blogaversary. Bailey's Buddy is just 4 days older than yours. We use it for the same thing but I have no personal life so I have to use it for education. Once a teacher always a teacher. But it, too, is my therapy. Thank you for being in the Blogosphere.

Dana said...

Happy! Happy! Happy Blogiversary!

You have earned a PERMANENT spot in my reader. It doesn't matter how long you go without a post, you NEVER leave!

Thank you for sharing your life with us and being there when we needed you too!

Mike said...

First - Happy blogiversary.

Second - 'for four months' - Pretend he's in the Army and coming home 8 months early.

Reb said...

Happy blogiversary!

I for one am glad you are around, glad you have come to terms with your epilepsy and glad you are singing, even if it isn't enough.

Phone sex!

As for next year? More singing! Whatever you aim for I am sure you can reach it ;)

Jay said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

You are one of the people who has kept the bloggerhood fun and interesting. You rock babe!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

One thing is true, Knight, you are a really good person. I said to Benji when he met you "she always seems so smart and sassy, but very polite too". Yes, you are :) And wicked funny too, WICKED! Oh, and Fuck February, honestly....

Joker_SATX said...

All of the inmates here at Arkham who constantly read over my shoulder, and I wish you a very happy Blogaversary.

You are a the way. Fangs and all!

furiousBall said...

your teeth got like super duper freakin' pointy

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mike: pretend your boyfriend is deployed. (Okay, maybe not... that makes *me* depressed.) February is the traditional depression month. But then it is finally Spring again and life gets better. Even if the nudist thing doesn't work out.
Happy Blogoversary!
I'll be in town on Saturday night with 3 girlfriends, seeing Mamma Mia!

Moooooog35 said...

Happy Anniversary, Knight. It always brightens my day when I see that you comment.

Plus, you know, you're screaming hot so it makes me think you like me in the touchy way.

I guess I have the thing I'M aiming for.

Good luck!

Moooooog35 said...

Happy Anniversary, Knight. It always brightens my day when I see that you comment.

Plus, you know, you're screaming hot so it makes me think you like me in the touchy way.

I guess I have the thing I'M aiming for.

Good luck!

Kev D. said...

No sex for four months? I'd become a nudist too... I'd be rubbing up against everything everywhere.

Knight said...

Jay- Our blogs are both Aquarias! The description says our blogs are trendsetters and desire to be unique.

Dana- Same to you! I have never missed a post. I don't always comment but I never miss a post.

Mike- That is a horrible idea. Being with someone in the army would be constant worry. I could never do that.

Reb- Thank you. More singing is a fantastic idea. I'll go with that. Phone sex is hard when he is sharing the hotel rooms with two other people. We will work something out though.

Jay- You Rock! Thanks for sticking around so long.

Gary- I don't know about all that and I'm not sure Benji would agree (that boy is trouble)now that he is met me more than once but I thank you for your compliments anyway.

Joker- Why thank you! I always show the fangs when I'm trying to reel someone in.

Furiousball- Yep. Those baby teeth fell out and within four years I grew fangs. It's what the blogerhood does to a woman.

Kcinnova- Yeah, pretending my boyfriend is off risking his life probably wont help with the depression. The things could be worse mindset actually makes people feel worse. Wait, you are going to be in town? And I'm going to miss it? Nooooooo!!!!!

Moog- Awww, mine too. So thanks for doing it twice. See, it just takes a woman like me to get you to go twice in a row ;)

Kev D.- I give myself two more days before I start howling like a cat in heat. The neighbors will probably call the cops...or a camera crew.

Grant said...

Happy blogiversary. Remember for next year that the 5 year traditional blogiversary celebration is done by posting pictures of hot Asian women in French maid outfits.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've enjoyed your writing.

GMEyster said...

I always love your blog posts, and don't find anything depressing about them. It's just life. With hills and valleys and shit and joy. And you write about it beautifully. I always love reading.

LL said...

Just because the bf isn't there doesn't mean you can't have sex... I'm sure Jay would fly up there and help a girl out... it's your mental health we're talking about here! ;)

Damn... I must'a started reading you rather early on. That damn Tink got me into all kinds of trouble. :ewink:

Micky-T said...

What a long strange trip it's been.

Remember the good old days at Doc and Mountain Cat's?

Krissy said...

Those pictures had me cracking up.

Happy Blogiversary! You're getting old

Anonymous said...

It seems like I turned up on the right day. Just in time to get a recap and to wish you a happy blogaversary ;)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

When I met you we were a trio of Charlie's Angels over at MadMan's place. (I still wonder what ever happened and where he is now if he

And, I remember the seizure stuff. Scarrrry!!!! And, the suckie job, and the boyfriend break-up and the Bahama trip before that, and the new guy and the depression and the lack of you.

I feel special and a part of things having been around for so much of this; so much of you.

I *heart* you; and even though it is 2:19 in the afternoon, South Texas time, I'm going to end like I used to with,

Night, Knight. :-)

Happy Blog-versary!

Matt-Man said...

Happy belated blogiversay Knight. No matter what, you are always pretty damn funny...and of course, Cheers Knight!!