Monday, May 23, 2011

I’m taking my blog back.

Some friends and relatives of mine still read my blog and that is fantastic but I’ve realized that I definitely hold back on what I would like to post because I’m afraid of how they might take it. Well, I’m done now. I’m taking my blog back. It’s mine and it’s personal and I’m going to post about whatever the f*#$* I want. So, if you are one of those friends or relatives and you think this change might affect our relationship in the negative, you should probably stop reading now. Thanks.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I have a lot of catching up to do here. In the past couple months I started Assistant Directing for The Trojan Women. It’s going really well and I think it will be amazing. I’m in rehearsal all the damn time. It’s awesome. In addition to that I’ve been singing in a terrible cover band. I get paid. That is awesome as well. A couple months back I realized I wanted to be single and broke it off with Sky. When he was coming back from tour I was a nervous wreck. Neither of us knew how seeing each other for the first time was going to play out. I was afraid he was going to be an asshole and pick a fight with me but he was shockingly understanding. It turned out to be fine and we are getting along. I’ve been seeing other people and I’m really enjoying the freedom. The strange thing about suddenly being single is that everyone is hitting on me. People I thought were innocent friends are declaring their long-time crushes on me and the other day two brothers in their 80’s were fighting over which one of their 57 year old sons would be a better match for me. What the hell? Now I remember why I keep ending up in relationships. It’s scary out there! It’s scary and I can’t keep myself out of trouble.

My birthday is coming up. I keep finding out that all my old friends aren’t coming. It’s a good thing I have so many new friends or I would be sitting in the park alone. The new friends may not know me as well but if they will show up then I will be loyal to them and return the favor. People really suck. Don’t they know you are supposed to cherish your friendships? Because especially in this city, it’s all we’ve got.


Moooooog35 said...

Just so you know I've had a vasectomy so that whole "Trojan Women" thing isn't an issue with me.

I just keep looking better and better, don't I?

Casey said...

Phew. I appeared to have been spared! i was a little worried after the first paragraph!!! And dammit why do u always celebrate your bday on day i work!?!?!?! Im beginning to think it all apart of your diabolical (sp?) plan. Lol

jack mehoff said...

props to saying what you want and to hell with the rest...well not to hell with the rest but you know to hell with what they .....nevermind.

friends are the shit. at times they mean more than family.

Reb said...

I will be in the park in spirit. If NY was closer, I would be there in person to meet you :)
Good for you for taking back your blog. At least the brothers weren't fighting over which of them would be a better match!

Anonymous said...

Don't those brothers have any grandsons? Sheesh. (Cute, though)

Birthday parties in the park sound marvelous. I'll be sitting here fighting the humidity and wishing my house had a buyer so I could stop cleaning it all the livelong day.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Ha! I get you on the self stifling (not the word I'm thinking. What is that little word?). That's like FB. Formerly it was all my blog peeps and I was incognito from IRL.

But I found that I've fallen back into all that is FB postings as if it were Twitter :-P.

Of COURSE everyone is hitting on you! You're freakin' awesome and gorgeous! Most of those boys hanging around are typically hoping for their chance to pounce should the beau be gone. Not to say they aren't sincere in their friendship; but boys will always be boys ;-D

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Oh and I love your birthday tradition! Happy early birthday!

Mike said...

The picture about the cherry stem wouldn't come up on my screen. I had to pull up the source code and find the link to look at it. It was worth the search.

Wv: singa - well isn't that an interesting word for your blog.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh Knight :) YES, be you!

Dianne said...

it is so fantastic that you're acting and directing and singing
all the things you love

Mike said...

I have a feeling that this here webspace is about to get WAY more google search hits.

What do you think?

Knight said...

Interestingly, the photo shows up in the reader but it's blocked on the blog and I can't fix it.

It says,
"I can do more than just tie a cherry stem into a knot."

Micky-T said...

Oh Yeah!

Be Bold!

Be You!

Mike said...

The picture problem might be the fact that it's a PNG file. Save it as a JPG and repost it.

jack mehoff said...

i simply highlighted the box.....hah so im highlightin the box the other night....anyway once highlighted it showed up

not sure how to permanately fix the issue

worthless in that dept

JasonBSchmidt said...

Welcome back. I'm old and I'll be there. :)

LL said...

Wha? Woody Harrelson has gotta be damn near that old and you professed a crush on him...

I tellz ya Knight... sometimes I wonder about you. And most other times... I... well...


Leesa said...

I have been "single" for the last year, and the part I miss most about being with my ex- is that most guys left me alone. Now I get hit on by some real creeps (including married men).

I would sign up for celibacy if it would keep the wolves away. None of my friends know about my blog (well, it has been dead for a couple of years) because I did not want self-filtering writing.

Knight said...

Moog - Yes, actually. You do.

Casey- You have been spared for now. Why do you always work on the day the rest of the work world is off?

Jack- I agree with you there. They become family.

Reb- I will look for your spirit. The brothers were fighting over that. It was creepy.

Kcinnova- No they don't. Which is a plus actually. They do have a super young brother who is seventeen. Dad remarried a younger women so this is the usual with this family.

Farmer's Wife- You are so right. I'm betting you know this from experience!

Mike- Nice work!

Jason- This is true and I love you.

LL- Ha, it's true. I like older men. I can't help it. *wink* back at ya.

Leesa- Yeah, a couple of marrieds have already come at me. It really is ridiculous. I could never ever do the celibacy thing. Good luck with that one.