Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poodle Bear

Picture this:

Sunday Night.  A bar in downtown Manhattan with an upper level cabaret space.  A checkered stage.  A dimly lit room. The amazing Parodivas. Several of my best friends. Knight in a leopard corset dress with microphone in hand.

Didn’t anybody take a picture? No? WTF?
Well anyway, The Parodivas premiered their brand new monthly Show and invited ME to headline.
Look how hot they are despite being cold and homeless.

I did a dead diva tribute by singing some Amy Winehouse and Etta James. I don’t think they would mind. I also did the Jessica Rabbit version of Why don’t you do right and used it as an excuse to molest the audience. 

Up until I actually got on the stage I was having some serious anxiety issues. Singing with tracks instead of a live instrument is really f’ing scary. The Parodivas do it with ease but I was fairly sure I was about to humiliate myself by forgetting the lyrics and not being able to bullshit my way back out. Luckily it appears my bullshitting skills are fully intact and everything went well. 

After my set I could calm down and enjoy the last ten minutes of the show as the Parodivas performed one of their ever popular audience participation MadLib Parodies. Before I left the stage they asked me for a pet name. Not the kind you would give a pet but something disturbing a lover might say to you. I gave them the most embarrassing pet name I could recall being called. We then listened to My Poodle Bear sung to the tune of My Endless Love. *VOMITS ON SELF*

It was a pretty fantastic night. I was incredibly surprised and flattered by the friends that showed up to support us.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that Oprah was somehow haunting the show. Don’t mention or mock her onstage unless you want some serious sound issues to start up. We are sorry Oprah! Please don’t send Tom Cruise to eat us.


Reb said...

Knight, I am sure you were fantastic and had a lot of fun doing "Why don't you do right?". Put Jessica Rabbit to shame, I'll bet!

jack mehoff said...

how bout fine piece of ass?

how bout not, jay

well then what the hell am i supposed to call you?

i dont know, something nice, something sweet you big goof.

.....boo boo kitty fuck?

alright its a start.


LL said...

As our dear Tiffy always says... pictures or it didn't happen. :ewink:

But having heard you sing Peel Me a Grape... I'm going to wager that you and Etta got along all right.

And if you showed up on your Harley in a leopard skin corset dress... I'd definitely tell you where I was. ;P

Anonymous said...

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I'm With Stupid said...

I wish I had been there to see it live. I bet you were freaking awesome Pookie! ;-)


Gary's third pottery blog said...

darn, twould be nice to hear your singing again :)

jack mehoff said...

uhhh sure kev....find a sale on polo did ya...whatta weirdo!

Mike said...

You molest audience members? Had I known that I probably would have come!

BSOB said...

congratulations! sounds like an awesome night

The Parodivas said...

WEEEEEEEE have video, but we just haven't had the chance to watch it/send it to you yet. We shall though. Do not worry!

We LOVED having you on the show and fully intend to do a recording of My Poodle Bear which will then be immortalized.

You're welcome.