Monday, February 6, 2012

Art & Familial Pride

I’m fairly certain that I am looking at a self-portrait of my brother’s girlfriend’s vagina.

Now you are too.

Don’t worry, it is art. You see, my brother’s girlfriend is an extremely talented artist in Chicago. Apparently she just had an opening at some gallery and several of her amazing pieces are on display. Since her pieces are beautiful paintings of vaginas, technically her naughty bits are on display. You wouldn’t assume that is what you are looking at but I get the inside scoop from my brother.  So today when I noticed he changed his Facebook profile picture to a painting I realized…. that’s a vagina.

They sell for quite a bit of money. We considered trying to purchase a small painting as a Christmas gift to go with the bacon lube we gave our grandmother. Unfortunately it was too expensive.  I’ll just buy her a mirror and tell her to look at her own. Is that inappropriate? Have I gone too far? Yes. Yes I have.

In other news, my mother was voted Queen Groundhog by her Rotary Club. This amazing picture of people dressing her up with teeth and fur made one of the local newspapers. 

Everyone harassed her that entire day. I’m so proud!


Reverend Awesome said...

That is indeed a vagina.

You'd think you'd at least get a Friend-of-Vagina discount.

Reb said...

Sure looks like one to me. Congrats to your mom...did she see her shadow on the 2nd?

I'm With Stupid said...

I should buy one of those Vagina Paintings as that's about as close to one as I will get. Hey-OOOOO!

Congrats to Lady Groundhog! Woo-Hoo!


Addman said...

Hmm, reminds me of a scene from Silent Hill:

Dianne said...

Vaginas and Beavers
uhhh - Ground Hogs

your mom is adorable

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...what's wrong with looking at a vagina?

Mike said...

She's on her rag.

Just thought I'd point that out.

LL said...

*sniff* Looking at that picture kinda gets you right here *taps chest with fist*, doesn't it... *sniff*

BSOB said...

wow, what the heck is goin on over there.. groundhog vaginas are pretty hott tho

Jason B said...

Apparently she just had an OPENING at some gallery and several of her amazing PIECES are on display. Since her PIECES are beautiful paintings of vaginas... You wouldn’t assume that is what you are looking at but I get the INSIDE SCOOP from my brother.

You are a master of entendre, my darling.

Veritas723 said...

it's odd, when you think of a painting of a vagina, it's never quite what you expect it to be.

groundhog day photo is adorable

Jo said...

When I first saw the painting I thought, God I hope that's a vagina. Because I'd hate to be someone who sees vaginas in things the way some people see Jesus in piecrusts.

I really need to come here more, you're my kind of crazy.

Your mom is really cute!