Thursday, November 15, 2007


These ads are hilarious.

This is clearly supposed to be a joke making fun of how infantile the swift-boating is and other ad campaigns. The best part, of course, is the comments posted on the article linked above. Things like "Thank God some of our kids are not brainwashed by the Liberal left." and "These kids need to keep their mouths shut and worry about Sponge bob. They know nothing about politics." Granted, I fixed some of the grammar and spelling. I just can't believe people think these kids are really taking a stance. They are little actors. They know it's a joke. You really think all those kids believe Hillary Clinton is actually a man? Wow. The general public shocks me with it's idiocy in new ways every day.


Macoosh said...

these just made me giggle a whole lot. :) thanks.

"youuuuuu'lll be so-rry!"

GMEyster said...

"I know, because my mom.....gave him that manicaure." Laughed my ass off!