Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bruises, Paint, & Passports

Hey all. It's been awhile. I'll just do an update to start. Friday night I went to a birthday party at Mason Dixon where you can order beer by the bucket and ride a mechanical bull. Oh yeah, I rode that bull. I was going to post a picture but none of them look exciting. I lucked out because my only injuries are a small bruise the size of the tip of my finger on the inside of each thigh. Some people told me they have bruising all down their thighs. I did not ask to see.

After Saturday morning brunch with Casey I had a strong desire to spend time at the hardware store. Since it was pouring out I figured it was a good day to stay in the apartment and paint all the wood doors black. I picked up my supplies and spent the rest of the day priming and painting to my hearts content. The black glossy paint I used dried perfectly with a sheen that makes it look like I covered the doors in leather. Perfect! When I was done I laid back and enjoyed the fumes.

Sunday night I had a birthday party to attend at Beauty Bar. It's an interesting place where the walls are lined with old fashioned hairdryers. On Wednesdays you can get a free manicure when you purchase a martini. I find that sort of gross. The party turned into more of a photo shoot but we had a great time. I also considered posting a photo of this but I have a feeling my friends won't appreciate me posting photos of them on a public blog.

I called out of work on Monday due to feeling crappy and spent the entire day in bed. I could have used yesterday to accomplish so much more... but no.

Over the weekend I also received my passport. I keep staring at it and thinking I could just leave right now. I can get in a cab to JFK, charge a flight to a credit card and go wherever the hell I want. If only I didn't have to do things like, go to work and maintain a job so I can pay rent. I would also need to pay off that credit card. Is it worth it? I don't know.

Peep Show!
I just realized it's almost that time of year where children play with eggs and dye, eat shit loads of chocolate, and get easily distracted playing in the yard looking for things for hours. Since moving to New York I had never celebrated this holiday but last year we had a grand time. A lovely lady with the last name Eyster held Eyster Brunch. We all showed up and drank a lot per usual. William brought us eggs with scary pictures and lotto tickets inside. Someone brought a bodega baby Jesus candle so we lit it at the table for brunch and every bar we hit after. At some point we lost him in a gay bar with a stripper. Then we all stumbled back to our homes and tried to drink enough water to go to work the next day. It's a lot like St. Patrick's day come to think of it. *sigh* I miss those good old brunches we used to have. What happened to us? Did we all get too old? Did our livers give up? It's been a long time since I've woken up on Doodle's futon at 6am Monday morning realizing I have to go to work soon.


Jay said...

I find it unlikely that ANY picture of you would not be "exciting."

I don't even have a passport. Seriously, I don't. I talk all the time about wanting to travel to so many places and I don't even have a freaking passport. Maybe I should get one.

Jahooni said...

i popped in to stalk jay... j/k!

i feel light headed just reading all that you drank! But the bull pic is most needed.

R.E.H. said...

When I was done I laid back and enjoyed the fumes.

I gotta hand it to you, Knight. You are one special gal ;)

A manicure with you Martini... that sounds like a new and different business idea.

And, hey! Now that you have a passport you can come visit me! ;)

Doc said...

Just stopping by... I am gla I found your blog! I need to read more... holy crap that "peep show" pic is hilarious! ROFL!

Anonymous said...

You got some country gal in you!!Yhe bull is the best!!!of course being here in KY hey have way to many, but most of them are in Strip Bars!!! LOL!!

I love paint fumes also!

I am ready for St Patty's Day! I love me some Samuel Adams!!I will celebrate him on that day! LOL!

Be good!

Mike said...

As you can see, I AM a bull.

Maybe I should visit those places that thinks riding them is a sport? Female riders only.

Speaking of, I'm awaiting delivery of stumpy. Did purolator get lost?

BBC said...

I've never ridden a mechanical bull, and having been in 49 states and half of Canada I have no desire to go anywhere else because I am home now.

Passports are stupid, boarders are stupid. It's just a monkeys game. A tribe thing. Never mind, maybe only people like Einstein would understand what I mean.

BBC said...

I mean, I'm a citizen of a planet, not a country.

GMEyster said...

Oh, Carly, we did have fun last Eyster, didn't we? I brought the bodega candle, we left it for the heathens at that bar with the fries that had truffle oil on them...remember that?

We should brunch again soon - very soon - send out an e-vite, honey!

GMEyster said...

ps, congrats on the passport - my boy and I were just talking about how we needed to get him one tonight (I was surprised he didn't have one, but I guess that's more common than I thought!) - we want to plan a trip and he'll need it!

Good for you! Go - there are ways to travel on a budget that are TOTALLY worth it :o)

BBC said...

Drugs and lots of sleeping. Sounds like an interesting life of missing everything that happens.

If that was a thought that just popped into your head you just created a great quote.

Farmer*swife said...

The Peeps are hilarious!! Too funny! Did you do that yourself or steal it from somewhere else?

I remember those fun days of bar hopping! I rode an electric bull once. DH got mad because I didn't do the whole flailing arm thing -- but, hey? I didn't wanna' fall off. I was holding on to that sucker!!!

I do not have a passport. Since I've hit my 30s and had children I've become very close minded. It it takes a passport to get there then it's probably too far from the safety of my USA.

I also no longer fly. Wanna' take the kids to Disney Land but it'll have to be drive. [Planes are contantly loosing pieces while in flight.]

captain corky said...

I've never ridden a mechanical bull before, but it sounds like fun. I would have to be pretty fucked up to get on though.

I dream about jumping on a plane and going to Vegas at least 5 times a day... ;)

And last but not least, with the black doors and the leather fetish, you have the makings of a very cool superhero, Knight. And you don't even need to come up with a name either!

Farmer*swife said...

Hey, Corky's right! You and the Tinkinator could join forces to fight evil!

Forgot to comment on the doors. They immediately reminded me of your pic in the leather you posted awhile back. So, I guess the walls are next and you'll be living in "the look" of leather ;).

Thanks for the website. So, we must of got one of her first pieces since we've been married over nine years now. And, since she [original artist] has passed away I bet it has really gone up in value.

I can't remember who exactly sent it to us -- it might have came from Georgia? Not sure.

Lator Gator!

Tink said...

The fact that you painted your doors black just earned you at least twenty brownie points.

You've almost got enough to buy a PEEPing Tom. Man, I'm going to be coming up with those for hours now.

JasonBSchmidt said...

That was a craxy good Eyster. You know I am ALWAYS up for brunchety mcgoodness. SEND THE EVITE.

Knight said...

Jay- Thanks. I wanted one with arm in the air screaming but I didn't get one. Damn. Get a passport and we will all get on a plane somewhere.

Jahooni- Blog stalking is so easy it's scary.

REH- Ha, thanks. Are you sure you will be there long enough? It would suck if I flew out there and found out you were in the states!

Doc- Welcome, welcome! I thought it was pretty funny in a seasonal sort of way.

Single- I don't know if I have any country but I have wild. I'll try anything. Bull riding at strip bars? That sounds amazing!
You have to have some Guinness on St. Patty's.

Mike- There has been a problem with your Stumpy shipment. She got distracted playing guitar hero and I can't coax her into the box.

BBC- What state did you skip? I think it is pretty clear what you mean and even monkeys don't bother with the games we play. I don't understand the need to segregate and create barriers between people.

GMEyster- Oh man those fries were so good. I remember the walls were glass and at one point we realized it was snowing sideways. The candle did make it to the next bar though because I remember the bartender wouldn't let us lite it. Hmm.... maybe I will do an evite.

BBC- How about that? My first quotable quote.

Farmer*swife- Actually my aunt e-mailed the peeps to me. The guy in charge of the bull riding told me that people actually keep one arm in the air for balance. It would take a little getting used to but it does make sense. Now you are going to have me paranoid that a plane part is going to land on me whenever they are overhead.

Captain Corky- Sweet! I love that superhero idea. Can I be a supervillian though? That seems so much cooler.

Farmer*sWife- I'm so obsessed with my doors right now it's pathetic. I like the idea of joining forces with Tinkinator. She clearly kicks ass.

Tink- Peeping Tom, nice. I want to see that picture. I now have black doors, black curtains, black bed, black futon, and black shoe closet. The only think left are the walls. I don't think I will cross that line though.

JBS- Alright, you convinced me. I'll make the Evite. Later.

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