Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've Got Your Answers - Part 1

First of all, thank you for your questions. I'm so happy I have amusing readers that can make my day and blog so much better. Now I have all kinds of shit to write about! I was going to go in order of comments received which would make Gary up first. Then I wrote the answer which (was more like a novel) during my lunch break and saved it to my work e-mail. Oops. Guess I will be posting that one on Monday. Alright, let's get started.

Furiousball asks:
what's the fastest land animal on earth?

Dear Furiousball,

That is one sexy animal. I love big cats. Rawr.

Micky-T asks:
If you lived in a house, would you own a pet?

Dear Micky-T,
How big is this house? Can I have a Cheetah? I don't think I would. I have a hard time taking care of my plant Al. It's a lot of responsibility and animals in general seem to hate me. They can sense my fear and they take advantage of it. Evil animals. When I was young we had a newt named Newt. I do like reptiles quite a bit. I just don't like feeding live animals to things. We also had a calico cat named C.C. and a cocker spaniel named Sweetness. I loved our animals but I don't think I am currently capable of taking care of one. For now I will just enjoy visiting Casey's cat Clementine. She hates me too.

Jay asks:
When did you decide that you wanted to move from the Midwest to New York? Did you always want to move there? And how did you move to NY? Just you just up and move? Or did you have a plan? And what's it like being so damn sexy? ;-)

Dear Jay,
I don't remember when it was that I decided I needed to be in New York. It always just seemed like the obvious thing to do but I don't remember why. I thought this at a fairly young age. When I was thinking about college I applied to an acting school in Manhattan and when I got my acceptance letter it was a done deal. I had never even been to the city until four months before I moved here. I was 18 when I moved into student housing on the Upper West Side. I didn't know a single person in this entire region. I didn't come out alone though. My mom flew out with me for the first couple days while I started school orientation and the whole thing was pretty easy to be honest. It felt natural. Like there was nowhere else I could possibly belong.

As for being so damn sexy, what are you asking me for? You have all the answers ;)

GMEyster asks:
What really terrifies you?

Dear GMEyster,
I could take the easy road and say rodents and birds. I have an irrational fear of both. It's embarrassing. Seriously though? I've been honest to Jeebus terrified of people lately. With the election, Prop 8, and everything else, I have heard so many hateful comments from all sides. It really scares me. If I lose all faith in people I won't have a lot left. That terrifies me too. Not having anyone. I spend a lot of time alone but I often wonder what would happen if I no longer had the people I care about to go to.

Oh geez... that is not a cheery note to end on. I meant babies. Babies scare me. They leak a lot and are too fragile. They have those scary glossy eyes all love filled and that horrid cooing sound. Eww! Yeah, babies are the most terrifying thing ever.

To be continued...


GMEyster said...

You're hilarious. Good answers :o)

Farmer*swife said...

Great sharing!

And, um, can you teach lessons in "sexy"? I could use a few.

Micky-T said...

Ok you may be afraid of animals and not a pet person, but you sure are brave by moving to the city like that, at 18?
I hope you get past the fear of people, because the city might eat you up.
Run Cheetah Run.

Jay said...

Babies scare me too. And they're gross on top of everything else.

I'm pretty sure I could have moved to NY at 18. Nothing really scared me much then. Now, I'm not too sure I could do it.

And I got no answers. I'm the opposite of sexy. I'm unsexy. ;-)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

babies are terrifying???? what a hoot!

Tall Lanky Jew said...

I happen to whole-heartedly agree...Jay is a VERY sexy man!! In fact I'd venture to say that he is indeed bringing 'sexy back'.

Although...not that I need to remind anybody....but...Knight is without a doubt the sexiest woman I know!!! :)

Dana said...

This was wonderful Knight! Interesting little facts!

Knight said...

GMEyster- Thanks. And Thanks for the question.

Farmer*swife- That is a good idea. I think I might do a post "Lessons in Sexy".

Micky-T- My fear of people isn't that bad. I suppose I'm more dissapointed in them. I can hold my own on the streets.

Jay- What are you scared of? You know at least one person already *coughMEcough* Okay I'll write the lessons in sext post so everyone realizes how sexy they really are.

Gary- Remember Rosemary's Baby?


Dana - Yours is next.

Anonymous said...

Some of us need your lesson more than others. I am in the former group. Teach away!! ;)

Micky-T said...

I get it! It's easy to be dissapointed in people, the trick is to expect less but still care.

Jay said...

Well, TLJ is a damn sexy man himself. ;-)

Darla said...

All the man love in these comments is making my day. ;)