Friday, November 21, 2008

I've Got Your Answers - Part Who The Hell Can Remember

cat asks:
Jay kinda took my question. I would love to read the story of what brought you to N.Y.

What took you into singing and acting. Where are you from? How long have you lived in N.Y.

Did you have friends that brought you there?

I think you have a good and inspiring story too tell.

Dear Cat,
You can read my answer to Jay’s question in PART 2. I know switching screens is a pain in the ass sometimes so the brief version is, I always wanted to live in a big city and when the opportunity came to attend school in New York I moved out here at 18. It’s been seven years now. I’ve been singing and acting all my life and that is really why I came to New York. I wrote about that in the answer to a question as well but now things are starting to blur together. When I moved out here I didn’t know a single person in the city. Now I have a whole urban family of friends that I’ve built over time. I grew up in Illinois. I spent my entire childhood in The Quad Cities. Not a small town but not a big city. Not big enough for me. I don’t know that my story is inspiring. I was at a time in my life where things were supposed to change and I knew what I wanted so I did it. I made the right choice.

Michael Knight Rambo asks:
Why is my pee black?
Back when it was bright green it used to be fine, but now when it gets rusty red/brown or darker, it really hurts.
It feels as if I have chomping pitbulls with poisonous porcupine quills that are on fire passing through my urethra.
I'm too embarrassed to see my doctor.
Can you help?

Dear Michael Knight Rambo,
Have you been drinking motor oil? If so you should probably stop and you might go back to normal. You also might have leprosy. For safety’s sake I suggest you double bag your favorite parts to ensure you don’t infect others and more importantly, so that nothing falls off. I suggest a strict diet of nothing. No water or food. You will urinate less and eventually the burning will stop because you will be deceased.

What person from your past would least like to see walking down the street... and why?

And the flip side... who do you really want to catch up with that you haven't seen in ages?

Dear Minijonb,
There are quite a few people I never want to run into again. One would be my old roommate from France. She was really annoying and I was so thrilled the day we moved away from her horrible voice. I hope I never run into my ex that was a millionaire. That money gives him the power to do whatever he wants and he was so manipulative and angry towards me in the end. The thought of him makes me a little nauseous.
I can think of a few people I would really like to catch up with that I have not seen in a few years but it’s harder to come up with someone I haven’t seen in ages. *Insert ten minute pause of thinking.* Okay, I got one! One of my vocal coaches I had through junior high and high school was a really wonderful woman and I find myself thinking of her every now and then. I thought of her and her husband as a really cool and eclectic old couple. She taught voice lessons to people of all ages in her own living room. Her husband was a wood carver, hypnotist, therapist, and so many other things I don’t even remember. They were the sweetest people and Mrs. Grossman would tell me these wonderful stories about her life that showed how in love she and her husband were. He grew very ill and she started having problems as well. When Mr. Grossman died I went to the visitation and was shocked to see Mrs. Grossman was now in a wheelchair due to a bad hip. She stopped teaching and I haven’t seen her since. I have always wanted to speak to her to let her know how much she influenced my life but I don’t know where to find her.


GMEyster said...

Love the labels.

LL said...

Hmmmmm... the more you know... ;)

Anonymous said...

I wondered how you would answer Michael Knight Rambo.
I think you deserve an award for that one! :)

Michael Knight Rambo said...

I thought doctors recommended three glasses of motor oil a day...
Anyways, thanks for the advice!
It's kind of gotten worst now as a foul, acrid smelling green gas hisses from the bowl when it hits the water.
I'll try to stop eating and drinking.
(Drinking will be hard.)
Thanks again!

E Chuod said...

Thanks for this. No more motor oil for me. And I'll double bag fom now on.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I am catching up on blogs tonight and yours is blowing me away. I love your answers, your humour, your insights and your lightbulb moments. :) Hooray for people like the Grossmans.

Darla said...

these blog posts rocked.

Mike said...

Yes, ex roomates suck ass. ALL OF THEM!

Mic'n'Bic said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

BBC said...

Making a go of it in your trade in a big city is a tough go. I'm glad that wasn't my vision when young.

I've done a little acting and entertainment, but just for the hell of it. Had better ways to put some money in my pocket.

And the way things are shaping up out there makes me glad that I've always been a country boy and still am.

My favorite childhood memories are of living with my grandparents even though they were poor.

I don’t know what will happen in the future but I will always wish I was performing somehow somewhere.

If it is in you it is in you. All of the actors at the playhouse here have real lives and careers though and just get in the plays because it is in them to do so.

They don't make any money at it, they just do it.

As for you being ill, maybe if you put some more ink in your body it will cure you. But maybe not, maybe it will just make you look more interesting in your coffin.

Really hon, you're not living like you want to live long anyway so why worry about it?

On the bright side, I've never lived like I wanted to live long, and here I am at 65.

And on any given day it just pisses me off to wake up and still be here on this cesspool of humanity.