Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Day in the Knight Life

Saturday was a fun day. I woke up in my closet of an apartment at 8am and prepared for a day I knew just might kill me. I packed my outfits and props for the day. (That makes me sound like an escort but alas it wasn’t that kind of day.) I took a couple chugs of leftover bloody mary in a jug. Then I headed for the M60 Bus that carries me through Manhattan and over to Queens.

In Queens I met up with the director of the show I’ve been assistant directing for the past couple of months. We talked about her cats. Then we prepared for our preview showing of The Trojan Women which was held outside in the rain at the Beer Garden. We watched as our darling actors sat out in that miserable weather protected by the burlap burkas. Poor babies. Then we ate kielbasa while chugging beer for a few hours.

When that fun was over four of us took the props and trash back to cat lady director’s house where I styled her fire red hair into a hot 40’s look. We drank screwdrivers and talked about… cats. Oh, and my engagement to one of them. (I only do it to make the other jealous.) Did I mention that we are four of the hottest females ever? Well, the three of them are at least. It’s ridiculous. I would show you pictures but I don’t have consent. Seriously hot AND all of us are single.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, so I changed into a hot black dress and ran off to my friend’s birthday dinner in Hell’s Kitchen. I’m an idiot so I was late. Then we went to a gay bar we have frequented way too much over the years. I think that is what we did. I’m a little fuzzy at this point. They agreed to come with me to another bar even further downtown to watch the premier of the web series I have a cameo in. So we got in a cab.

We are now in a bar that I used to work near so I say hello to all my buddies that are working and proceed to the back room where they are about to screen the first three episodes of WHITE LIARS. Only episode one is live. They are coming out every other Monday and I’m in three so watch for it! I have to admit, episode three is the best and not just because I’m giving someone a lap dance in it.


After the screening I think I got in a biting fight with someone because my arms are all bruised. I was just being playful. Then a friend of mine got a little too drunk and when some asshole called him a “fat f&$#” he decided to discuss the matter further outside. I thought this was embarrassing because the drunken ass who said the wrong thing was now surrounded by all my guy friends including the manager telling him he needed to leave immediately. I really hope this doesn’t become a theme in my life. The bar fight was only interesting once.

It probably isn’t too surprising that I didn’t feel fantastic on Sunday morning. All in a day though. All in a day.


Moooooog35 said...

When is Episode 3...because after that I'm itching for the lap dance scene.

Is there biting in it?!?!?

jack mehoff said...

moog...gotta look a lil harder - shes the lady in red and you have that spark....you have IT! just a bummer it had to be with chet though i suppose

gotta love gratuitous camera shots

Reb said...

A biting fight? Sounds interesting. You are right about bar fights only being interesting once though and then only for the first few seconds.

Quite a day you had ;)

Jay said...

That series looks like it's gonna be pretty funny. I've enjoyed the previews that you've posted.

Did you say something about a lap dance?

Mike said...

I got a sneak peak of 'the dance'.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh Knight, you're like a party superhero!!!!!!

Micky-T said...

Was that you as the bag lady in the background at about 32 seconds?

You were awesome, you looked so real life!

Dianne said...

I love that you're engaged to one of the cats only to make the other jealous
they love that shit ya know

and yes, I did thank the duck

Anonymous said...

That WAS a fun night, but I am glad I left before the drunken testosterone-filled drama.

Everyone, I saw episode 3 and she's damn good. But you knew that.

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Mike said...

I sense a theme to this post. Hmm.

Knight said...

Moog- It isn't coming out for awhile but when it does I'll post it. No, no biting but I can make a movie of that just for you.

Jack- I think you are talking about the trailor which isn't the whole scene. The guy playing Chet was NOT a bummer.

Reb- I'm still bruised.

Jay- I think it's a kind of humor you would appreciate.

Mike- Yeah, it's only a second but I think my entire scene is pretty short too.

Gary- Ha! It's all I ever wanted to be.

Micky- It was but that wasn't part of the scene. I was just waking up.

Dianne- I knew you would. You are so polite to animals.

Guru- I heart you very much.

Essay- Uh, Thanks?

Mike- What was it?