Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hello My Loves

VD Has come and gone. It’s the Day of Valentine’s and Venereal Disease. I hope you enjoyed yours!
Mine was perfectly lovely for the most part.

Negative Points of Evil Corporate Love Day:
I had a seizure in the morning. The first one Mike was ever witness to. It seems it was very mild.
I was late to work and in pain most of the day.
My ex was writing shit that pertained to me on Facebook and generally it seems he feels very sorry for himself which affects me negatively because I can’t stop reaching out.
A friend’s mother is very close to passing away.

Positive Points of Evil Corporate Love Day:
Mom sent me Egyptian cotton bedding and new pillows!
I had a date Monday night with Mike at Fatty Crab and we ripped apart a sea creature together. 
I was asked to buy flowers and candy for the office so we had a hideous bouquet and red velvet cupcakes.

I sent out little messages to at least a dozen friends.
The first Lodge Meeting in months was held at 5:30. It was beautiful.
My gorgeous friends Mojo and Lisa invited me over to their fest of bubbly, chocolate, and cheese spread. We drank and laughed while talking over a fundraiser coming up soon.
I got home at 1am.

The good outweighs the bad.
Not such a terrible holiday this time around and it’s all thanks to my many bitchin’ friends!

Happy hump holiday to you.

- Knight


Knight said...

TO CLARIFY: I did not have venereal diseases at any point in time.

jack mehoff said...

before i even read on, i just read VD has come and gone. immediately thought venereal disease.

sorry to hear bout the seizure. but glad to hear it all ended well.

related note: i now know how to spell venereal.

just think cereal.

ew. everybody enjoy your fruity pebbles.

I'm With Stupid said...

I don't have VD either. We're perfect for each other!!! ;-)


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

My BFF is always the one who wishes me a happy VD. My husband basically failed Valentine's Day this year. It was worse than the year he was in Iraq (and therefore had an excuse to fail). I'm trying to not think about the fact that it was our 25th V-day and instead concentrate on "evil corporate love day" which is exactly how he sees it.

Egyptian cotton and new pillows does help make a day better, esp. when it had to start out with a seizure. (Sorry about that!)

LL said...

I too am glad you had a happy VD. On a day such as that... it's better to give than to receive, and since you stated that at no time did you get VD... you musta been on the giving end! ;P

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

D@mn Egyptians, always trying to outdo South Texas cotton :-P I got flowers. And not last minute flowers that die in two days but real flowers ordered from a real flower shop!

"Peggy is a whore!" ROFL!!!